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  1. I have some tracks in a F-86 and F-16. prueba1.trk prueba2.trk prueba3.trk
  2. Hello, I would like to point out a doubt. I wonder, cuz can't find much info about it, if the quick access OSB's can't be modified in order to allow a customized setup of MFCD's. For example, the left MFCD allows me to enter to the jettison page from the sms page through the left MFCD OSB D4, and viceversa, but if I want have the sms page set in the central MFCD, I can't do it through the central MFCD OSB D4, same case on the right MFCD. Track file attached: server-20210808-124141.trk Also, about the lower MFCD's menus, it's not possible keept a config saved like in the upper MFCD's menus once you goes through the Master Modes. Track file attached: server-20210808-125028.trk
  3. Indeed, is still happening, is becoming annoying the fact that this issue has a long time already, and I will not describe all the thing again, you just randomly do lost lock, whatever the aspect or speed the target is, RWS, TWS, STT, etc, specially in STT the thing drops the lock few seconds after goes to STT, come on...
  4. Many thanks for the quick response, clearly I didn't noticed the new keybindings. Anyways, in the "T6_Axis: Antenna Elevation (Slide)" still have the issue of the "forced dead zone / detent / simulated mechanical detent / etc", it is possible to have the chance to set it up, and remove it at all? Regards.
  5. After the yesterdays patch I got an issue. Even I also had the issue of the "digital detent" in the antenna axis, like it was described not happening with key bindings, now instead of reduce the deadzone like is described in the changelog, the whole behavior of the antenna elevation has changed, in my case, I use a wheel axis with no mechanical detent, if I do not center manually the axis, the antenna will keep going up or down, it's working like the axis in the Hornet module, before the last patch it was working like the axis in the Viper module but with this "deadzone / digital detent" or whatever. Could be healthy have the chance to set up all this stuff, due not all the users have certain hardware, some people have HOTAS with some or other configurations of axis, wheels, hats, sliders, etc. I have no idea how's in the real plane, if the antena elevation is changed by a wheel with a mechanical detent to center it, or if it has an spring, or if is a kind of slider, but users sadly cant have we all the same hardware. The point is, in my case, it is really annoying have to "guess" where is the center of my wheel axis for aviod the antenna keeps going up or down, and doing it in a middle of a fight is not good at all, funny dissapears, right now I have no choice to use two buttons in my HOTAS to lower or rise the antenna, so I have two buttons less and an axis with no use, really a shame. Kind regards.
  6. This issue still happening, and it is really annoying, low fuel, high speed, oscillates and if you're at low alt you're dead. It was reported at June, and we are at September...
  7. There is clearly an issue with the FCR when you got a bugged target, but in RWS, not in TWS, it happens randomly that the FCR drops the target and resets the TDC to some where the center of the screen regardless the scaling. The videos that the user Tango3B did posted in the first page are more than clear. Also when you goes to STT mode even from RWS or TWS, it happend exactly the same issue, when STT mode should be a very trusty radar mode when showing a constant target update. So, that's the main reason why in a pvp enviroment I have no remedy but to use exclusively TWS mode (when for a single a2a intercept should be more reliable the usage of RWS mode) in order to avoid this random issue happen. As I said, those two videos posted by Tango3B are enough to show this FCR RWS/STT behavior, and you can appreciate than the target did not makes any "aggresive" maneuver such a "beaming" or "notching". Track files are usless specially if you are flying in a public server, most of the time they are broken.
  8. I noticed this issue at once, once the patch was applied, around that date, quite far ago. But seems it is an "ED side" issue cuz, for such an important missfunction related to A2A intercepts, we are not recieving any response of the devs since almost a month.
  9. As title of the thread says, the max alt and min alt shown in the TDC doesn't match with what is happening in real. In the last pic I positioned the antenna elevation in where it should be, based in the knowed data provided by the AWACS, and by the fact that I know which altitude the targets are. Also, the sensitiveness on the axis for T6 function for antenna elevation, even seting curves is very sensitive and there is a noticeable "jump" when start to move it from cero to any +/- degree. Kind regards.
  10. I also want to express congrats for the release of such a great module and the work you guys are putting on it, this bring to me some fresh feeling in DCS, a plane of my taste and a module for explore. The neatness and seriousnes of your work and mostly, the constant feedback with us, customers, makes me feels plenty of confidence in any product of Deka Ironworks from here to the future.
  11. ECV56_Fortinero - Mil Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight
  12. Damn, I'm on vacation by that day, far far away from my Mi8 cockpit, sadness is real :(
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