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  1. Ok guys I have contacted CaptoGlove and here's what I got from them: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.: In my opinion it's not good enough explained how to set up the bindings and calibrate the bendings. The little note in the case of course is helpful to getting started but you should go much more in detail. For an example: "Make sure you download the latest version of the software and firmware", which brings us to my next point. A: Do you refer to the manual or some other resource? 2.: You should put up more download links for the software and firmware updates in the download section. Most of the PC-users are used to always download the latest versions of softwares/games/..., and playing around with the first version of the software was a real nightmare for myself. I had many issues to calibrate the bendings, but the newest software and firmware fixed it all. A: Thanks. We wanted to make an official release of a better version of the firmware we are developing, but we will consider publishing the one we already have. 3.: I don't know if it's possible but maybe integrate a cable use for the glove. I know that it is very cool to use wirelessly, but with a cable connection, I think you would fix many problems, like stuttering (which I encountered always using the glove) and also delay, a wireless mouse always has a bit of delay, that's why pro-gamers in E-sports always use cable mouses. BUT I'm also not an expert in such level of technology I just imagine that it could be a better experience and bring a better precise movement to the glove. A: That's something we have thought about and are evaluating. 4.: I sometimes had the issue that my x-axis (horizontal axis) is moving slightly to the left or right when I didn't move my hand. I don't know what's causing this problem. A: When you experience such an issue, please put your CaptoGlove on your table (wear it off) and click on the "tare" button. It will calibrate it and adjust the sensor values. 5.: Randomly disconnecting from the computer and re-pairing it again with bluetooth is very hard to fix. Happend to me one time and I don't know how i fixed this problem. I also saw a tutorial on how to fix it on the forums, but that didn't help me out. (Another reason why cable-connection could be better). A: Thanks we will look into it 6.: Everytime I'm loading a profile I have to assign the axis again, but if i just upoad the setup I used the last time using the glove (the green box in the software) it worked just fine. A: Once you have configured your CaptoGlove the configuration is saved on it and you don't need to load it again. 7.: The one time I wanted to test it in DCS World it always disconnected and connected again from the GSuite software, so I wasn't able to try it out. In non-VR however it worked fine for me, I was able to switch all the switches like using a real mouse, with the mouse cross, I didn't saw any moving hands like in this video: , but I think that this is only possible in VR, isn't it? A: Yes exactly, that is something we are developing with ED and is available for DCS beta testers to try ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Already answered to their mail, gonna update you guys as soon as they're responding to my mail
  2. Yeah that's true they always reply to questions of the community.
  3. Yeah I'll definetly send them my problems. I think the main problem is that it is only usable with bluetooth. If we would have a USB-connection it would be much smoother without any stuttering, or maybe the captosensor solves the stuttering, but I don't really know I'm not an expert. And also they should make a more detailed description for setting everything up and always put the newest software updates on their download page. What problems did you encounter?
  4. I only was able to use it as the normal Mouse cross in non-VR, since the glove always disconnected from the software in VR, so I'm not sure if it has 6 DoF, I can try to give it another shot tomorrow :thumbup:. But I dont think that it has 6 DoF without the sensor, I guess you can only move your hand to the left/right, up/down and roll the glove like in this video: So i don't think moving your hand forward/backward would be possible without the sensor, but as mentioned will give it another shot tomorrow.
  5. So I have the CaptoGlove since Tuesday now and I just wanna give it a little review here: So first of all the quality overall of the glove is good, comfy to wear in my opinion, but smells a little bit after unboxing it. Then there's the software. God I never had such a bad experience with any software... I mean even the X-55 Saitek software is better than this. First of all there's a little note in the box which will go through all the steps of pairing the glove with your PC. Worked all fine, until the moment came i had to assign the axes and calibrate the finger bendings/pressures. I tried all my best but the bendings didn't want to calibrate at all. It took me 2 hours to realize that i had downloaded the first version of the CaptoGlove-Software and this was the only Software download link on the download section on their website. You can find the updates for the firmware and software in forum sections of the community... They don't even have the updates linked on their download section page. After successfully upgrading the Firmware and Software, I finally was able to calibrate the fingers and assign the keys. I was able to controll my desktop with the glove very good, but unfortunately with stuttering of the mouse. So the next day I wanted to try it with DCS, but unfortunately the glove had problems with connecting to my bluetooth. So I searched the forums and found one solution which didn't help at all. After again 2 hours of struggling with it I finally fixed it (I don't know how I fixed it), started the software and loaded the profile I saved the day before. Then I had to assign the axes again because they somehow didn't save and yes, this is a problem that happens everytime to me when I try to load a profile. After successfully assigning the axes I realized that my x axis moved slightly to the right or left everytime I don't move my hand. This can happen randomly, sometimes it will do nothing, sometimes it will move slightly. Then I finally wanted to try DCS. I first tried it without VR: Switching the buttons is very cool if you have a steady hand, because as mentioned the cursor struggles a bit. The Finger bendings and assignments all worked out very well so + point there. Then I wanted to try it with VR: After starting DCS the glove disconnected and connected over and over again, I was not able to use it at all. The worst thing about that is when it loses connection and you close the software and turning off and back on the glove, the glove will work even though the software is closed, which is bad because when i open the software and try to pair it, it says that i cannot pair them which means i cannot turn off the profile, so this is an annoying bug. After playing around for 1 hour without even switching one switch I gave up and turned the glove off. (I haven't tried the "imaginary joystick" thing since I have a HOTAS system). Well sorry that this post is a bit longer but I wanted to share every detail I issued with this product. So in my opinion it is overall a good idea, but I wouldn't recommend it for playing DCS, or any other games since the stuttering makes it hard to be precise. As mentioned the software is only something for people who can be patient, it's really annoying to set it all up. Maybe it will be better with future updates, or maybe there will be a better product, but for now I'm only using this as a wireless mouse for chilling on the sofa and clicking through youtube videos and listening to music.
  6. I also read that my provider is "out of IPv4 addresses", but I think thats not the reason for IPv6 port forwarding. When i enter "ipconfig" in cmd I'm able to find mine and also if i google it I am able to find out what my IP address is. Maybe I'll have to do a call with my provider
  7. Maybe someone can help me here. I only can create a forwarding port for IPv6 with my Router, there is simply no option to enter a IPv4 address. I already asked a friend of mine, who knows much about hosting servers and IP stuff, but he also can't help me with my problem. I also googled about my router and found out that it's really just not possible to make a forwarding port with IPv4 and as far as I know I need a static IPv4 address to host a DCS Server. So, do you guys have any solutions for me? This is the model of my router: CH7466CE (unfortunately only german google articles about it). I also read the manual for the router and I saw that it was once possible to enter a IPv4 address..
  8. Since the latest update which added the F/A 18C Hornet to the game, I can't assign the left and right brakes on my Saitek pedals, but I can assign the rudder to steer the plane. Also tried to update drivers, but still doesn't work. EDIT: Problem is solved with the latest update now.
  9. So, did you get a hotifx for the mission yet?
  10. So this is the first time that I'm playing this campaign and in mission 2 where the helo should pick up the downed pilot, can't land to pick him up because the pilot is surrounded by trees, which only let the helo hover above him. I don't know if any other missions are affected. :helpsmilie:
  11. Ok thanks i'll try :) Maybe I should work with TAD more often, I mostly have the DSMS page opened. Still learning doe^^
  12. I'm already having problems at spoting them and as soon as I get a little closer, the SAMs are just engaging me from like 15k feet and I'm an instakill. Even the wingman can't help, tries to get close but can't even shoot his AGM's on them. lil´ tipp or a resolution from some A-10C pros would be nice very helpful for such a Warthog douch like me :smilewink:
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