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  1. Some "users" will say that everything is the fault of your computers. XD
  2. Check this and other threads, to see that I am not the only member that has had problems with 2.1. But ESAc took fixation with me, all faults were my fault. When a member reports problems, they can not be taken as personal, they must be put in their place and not behave as if we were heirs of the platform. It does not offend me that a member runs out of patience with ED and shows his anger, because I know that his anger is not aimed at me. This lesson should remain clear to everyone, we are all community, not some more than others. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=189819
  3. That's why I said, (I think) instead of (I'm sure) because it's actually something I do not know.
  4. It is a conclusion that I have reached, seeing that all those members who say they have no problems, have modified their system in one way or another. To say that DCS goes perfectly executed from a modified and oveclocked PC is not a reference for the rest of the community. The (silly) solemnity that I have just blocked, has already said five times that the fault of DCS is poor performance of my team, but my team exceeds the recommended specifications.
  5. Some of the members who have reported problems have high-end tower equipment, you have fixation with me, I'm going to block it, you've already exhausted my patience.
  6. I think it is also a problem that the tests and the development of the simulator take place in very powerful equipment with internal modifications of system, OC, HT deactivated and other technical adjustments that do not work the same in all the equipment. If ED limits its product to OC 4.5 Ghz processors and graphics, it is a mistake.
  7. 1º There is no stuttering in 2.0.4 2º There are no saw teeth in 2.0.4 3º There is no excessive brightness and glare in 2.0.4 4º There are no violet lights in 2.0.4 5º No MSAA issues in 2.0.4 6º Best frame rate in 2.0.4 These are the reasons that have led me back to 2.0.4
  8. I thought that my position was clear, but I see no, he has needed more members to confirm that 2.1 gives problems and still writhes in his position. If you have nothing to discuss, close it out. Not that it looks better, it offers better performance and is a temporary exit until problems are solved.
  9. Do not you like the opinion of the rest of the community? All have problems with 2.1 independent of their systems, if everyone, or most have problems, is because there is a problem.
  10. I recommend all comrades flying with modules older than 2.0.4, returning to 2.0.4, is the most stable version and best quality graphics, until ED solves the problems of 2.1 I also could not fly in 2.1 and also blamed my system, despite meeting the requirements.
  11. I think what you want is to revert to an earlier version, am I wrong? Have you installed 2.1 and want to go back?
  12. He conseguido derribar las antiaéreas con las mk en dos pasadas a baja cota, con mil ojos y contramedidas a tope, pero el almacén de municiones y el centro de mando no reciben ni cosquillas ni con las mk, ni con la carga completa de GBU, que descargo en una segunda fase después de regresar a la base, repostar y rearmar, no queda más remedio que volar con un compañero, un F-18. La misión le viene grande a un solo mirage. (No he podido guiar las bombas porque la base está a una cota superior) El vídeo tiene muy buena pinta, lo estoy viendo ahora. Muchas gracias.
  13. Gracias Revientor, no he visto tutoriales de las GBU en castellano, pero muchas gracias, para el picado tengo que ponerme a tiro de las antiaéreas y currarme una evasiva muy agresiva y volver a 20.000 pies para lanzar el segundo ataque, son un polvorín y un centro de mando.
  14. Revientor, estoy volando una misión el M-2000C con dos antiaéreas que por debajo de 20.000 pies son mortales, con las mk-82 tengo bastante puntería, pero con las GBU-12 no doy una... se me van largas. ¿Algún consejo? ¿Apuntar unos metros por delante del objetivo?
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