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  1. I got a strange and annoying behaviour of my TRIM elevator control switch in FW 190 A8 and D9. When i release my TRIM button (HOTAS or Keyboard), this switch stay stuck in down or up position during few seconds (images 2 and 3) instead of returning back immediately to neutral position (image 1). This happen only when i play on flat screen. There is no problem when i use VR Headset. I checked that no multiple control mapping interferences occur. I have done a DCS repair . How can i get back a normal behaviour for my TRIM elevator control switch on flat screen ?
  2. In my case, the FOV back limitation works fine on LFDM server. But the increasing of zoom speed doesn't work (the parameter "CockpitKeyboardZoomAcceleration" in View.lua file). Is there something else to configure on my side ?
  3. I am agree, there is no problem with Spitfire landing when you apply the landing procedure of the flight manual. Maybe a bad configuration of control sensitivity is why some peoples have problems.
  4. I try to put a train on my map but it doesn't appear when i launch the mission. The start time seems to be ok and there is no delayed activation. I checked the civilian trafic but when i try to set it on "low" and save the mission it turns back to "OFF". Anyboby has an exemple of mission with a steam train ?
  5. Ok, i found the solution... 3DS Max have to be launch as Admin...
  6. This is what i have done but i get the result i spoke about in my previous post #1195
  7. I have tried all those versions but i have always the same problem... I have tried to reinsatall 3DS max 2014 and EDM plugin and saw this error :
  8. it's what i have done but in the pull down selection of "Material Attributes", i don't have “Default” or any other choice... it's empty... What can be wrong ?
  9. It seems that DCS influences the management of the Track Ir in a way particularly problematic in my opinion on the Bf 109 K4. When I turn my head to look at my six, I can not do lateral movements ... it is very painful because of the canopy frame blinding my visual... Do you have the same behavior ? Is there a solution to get back this degree of freedom (lateral movement) towards six o'clock?
  10. Anyone know where i can find a EDM plugin version which work with 3D max 2014 ?
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