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  1. <64>Batz F-14 (Pilot) <64C>Vati F-14 RIO
  2. Event: 1v1 Squadron Name: 64th Aggressors Teamspeak/Discord: Contact person Discord ID: Eliott#6089 Aircraft Selection. F14 Pilots: USA - <64>Batz
  3. Name: <64>Batz "Pilot" | <64A>Zombiesnax "RIO" Squadron: 64th Aggressor Squadron Country: USA/Norway
  4. <64C>Batz 64th USA 40ms F14 RIO-<64C>Zombiesnax whatever side the 64 is on I can't remember
  5. It seems jester is able to very easily prioritize targets, but when I have a human RIO we cannot figure out how to manually designate contacts to engage them in order of highest threat. What is the easiest way to do this?
  6. I will not be able to make the brief as I will be out of town. I will still be able to make the main event, if someone could fill me in during the week that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. My internet is out and I’ve got a tech trying to fix it. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next 20 min, if not I guess I will have to bow out.
  8. Event: 1v1 Squadron Name: N/A Teamspeak/Discord: N/A Contact person: N/A Aircraft Selection: M-2000 Pilots: USA - Batz
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