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  1. Ok, couldt resist it anymore. I bought the Mi8 for full price but oh my god this thing is fun. I thought it would be much harder to handle than the Huey but i'm happily surprised. Now I'm learning this thing I have a question. I read somewhere that the oilfield campaign is very suitable for beginners. Would it be wise to start in that one or should I try the default campaign first? thanks for advice! jozeff
  2. Ok, so I'm a bit confused. I set pixel density to 1.5 in Oculus tray tool. In dcs I have it at 1.0 so it doesn't do anything. Msaa I have at 2x. Should I mess with the ssaa?? If I turn off msaa an raise pixel density I don't see that much of a difference to be honest. Also msaa 2x and msaa 4x looks the same to me except for much lower dose. I have a rift s, 2080 super and 9700k and 32 fast ram Thanks a lot. Cheers Jozeff
  3. Ok thanks Don, No matter how I resize the documents in kneeboard builder, the output png files are 2000*1120 (or something very similar). Chuck's guides are portrait so I really love to see them that way in dcs. Also, the position I choose in kneeboard builder doesn't translate to a change in position in dcs. I use dcs open beta. Thanks for any help. Jozeff
  4. Hi guys, Have been toying around with the kneeboard builder and converted Chucks guides from PDF to png files. It is an awesome piece of software. I have tried to change portrait view to landscape but the documents keep appearing as portraits in kneeboard in VR. Is there a way to get landscape view in VR kneeboard? Thanks a lot! Cheers Jozeff
  5. Great stuff!! Are you planning on doing some more missions?? I would like to know how you did this. Where can I find the file with the Russian voice or the subtitles? Thanks a lot!! Jozeff
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a profile for Target for my sabre. I made a lot of effort to create my own settings but didn't save them properly and I'm spending more time with fiddling with my warthog than flying.... I took a look at the...... Integrated TARGET Profile and GUI for Cougar/Warthog and MFDs But I have no idea where to place which file.... A bit too complicated for me. I love the Target files available for many modules where you run 1 file in Target and place the other files in virtual joystick and keyboard in DCS itself Anyone have a nice profile for me? Thanks!! Jozeff
  7. Tried the aviojet and the f5 and liked them both. The f5 has a bit harder to read gauges in VR. I like the aviojets cockpit and lights but if there is not much to do after learning it i might get the f5. Is there a warthog profile for the tiger f5 somewhere? Can't find a decent profile for Target. Thanks for your input! Jozeff
  8. What about the Sabre for learning? Laobi had some nice videos on YouTube about good planes for beginners and he mentioned the sabre as good to start with. I tried the c101 and I found it rather difficult to see all the knobs and gauges in VR. I'll try the tiger later because indeed it's all free to try this month Cheers Jozeff
  9. Hi guys, I have the sabre and the albatros and never took the time to learn to fly them properly. I'd really like to start some decent learning now and have been reading a lot about whatight be the best aircraft to start doing this. I'm not really into the ww2 stuff and the last gen jetfighters are too complex for me. I fly VR only and don't like the small screens in the modern stuff. Some large gauges is what I prefer. Like I said I own the sabre and The albatross already. The albatross is good for starting to learn but I don't like the Russian spoken tutorials and the and logical placement of instruments. Whatbout the F5 tiger? Is that a decent module to start learning the ins and outs. I'm not particularly interested in throwing bombs or shooting stuff. I want to focus on flying. Any thoughts??
  10. You're the best!! Thanks Great stuff Jozeff
  11. Haha, great thanks!!! I wandered why this file would be a million times its size ..... Notepad++ kept crashing haha Can you specify a date also? Now I can only fill in a month and a year Thanks Jozeff
  12. Hi, achitan! Worked great so far. However....The refresh.lua file is 2.2 Gb large!!! The file starts building and building until its more than 2 Gb.... Strange What is happening here? Thanks for suggestions Jozeff
  13. Thanks guys, I'll give it a try. I thought msaa in Nvidia inspector was way better than in game settings but ok. I have ss 1.5 or 1.6 but I don't really see a difference.. I have the vr shader mod installed and use the setting where you can set the anti aliasing for centre of view. Do you guys use that??
  14. Ok, thanks I've added some attachments with my settings. Thanks for your help guys.. Jozeff
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