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  1. I cannot see a Meteor (nor would I expect one). Are you sure it is not an illusion based on the angle of the picture and the overlap of the AMRAAMs? It does appear that one of the missiles might have an intake, but am not sure that it does. Meteor = minimum Tr. 2 P2E which I suspect is a way down the road at this stage (but we can dream). But an RAF TR.1 with Litening and Paveway is wonderful. Graphics as for an early WiP look great :thumbup:
  2. Tr.1 has 'austere A2G' from the UK SRP 4.2, which became 4-nations stadard 4.3 but not really employed. UK used this over MENA but only from a 'better than nothing' perspective. From SRP 10 you have P1Ea upgrade, which starts the A2G ball rolling. The Bl.8 / SRP 5 apparently had the Saudis cross as it deleted the 4.3 A2G capability, hence the rush to Bl.8B / 5.1 so it could be reinsated. But frankly, until you are at SRP 10 - or better 12 - it remains something of a 1-trick pony. @ Spectre, Nice overview! :thumbup: My understanding was that the Drops were as follows: Drop 1: Developed for RAF Tranche 1 Block 5 aircraft as SRP 4.2, allowing use of Litening / Paveway in 2011 Libyan campaign. Subsequently available to all Tranche 1 users as SRP 4.3 Drop 2: Co-developed with UK and GAF; offered improvement to comms, offensive and defensive systems and commonality of sustainment software Drop 3: Retrospective upgrade for Bl. 5 Tr.1 based on useable capability from SRP 10 / P1EA. Wa suppsoed to be jointly funde,d but I susspect that may have died a quiet death
  3. Bit pricey! Ask the Austrian Air Force.. Italians offered in a few Balkan programmes, Spain is dangling some for the Colombians. But it is overkill for these sort of forces, and the running costs are far too high.
  4. True, but if you look the current DCS line-up and the the fact that Tr.2 is an aircraft are currently deployed as a core fighter force I would anticipate that EF GmbH / core component companies would be hesitent to provide accurate data concerning the Tr. 2. It is simply too new and too advanced for the release of necessary information - which is understandable. I am wondering how TG can get accurate PRAETORIAN info (the DASS) from Selex as this is fairly confidential. But all strength to them!
  5. The RAF rushed software package 4.2 which added the Litening pod and ability to carry Paveway II - and possibly IV? This was evolved into package 4.3 which I think was adopted by the Luftwaffe for their Tr.1 fleet. I recall seeing pics of Luftwaffe examples at Red Flag with bombs, which I have a feeling were Tr.1s, but obviously Dash would know the details. The wider A2G package is later software on the Block 8 and after, which is Tr.2. The Tr.2 has a different core computer, so no-one has turned their Tr.1s into Tr.2s. I would suspect that TG would therefore be limited to the austere A2G of LGBs unless they can subsequently model a Tr.2, but they may cross into restricted info territory and tie their hands. Same with Meteor, which is PE1b and hence not available for the Tr.1s. There is a general move to replace the older Tr.1s with Tr.2s and 3s, which are proper multi-role aircraft. In fact, some Tr.1s and early Tr.2s are starting to pop-up on the 2nd hand market. The RAF is keeping 2 Tr.1 units for QRA, but otherwise those aircraft are being retired for cost reasons. The German gov’t recently confirmed 40 new Tr.3s to replace the old Tr.1s as the latter are now not very flexible. So my bet would be Tr1, Bl.5, SRP4.3 with a variety of A2A but only LGB for A2G. Still a cracking aircraft, though, and 100% early access for me.
  6. PIRATE is the IRST - the German Tr.1 verison lacks them (which is a pity). IRST or Sidewinder, but not ASRAAM I would expect. But all models - IIRC - had HMDs, so should get a HOBS capability. I doubt MBDA would give details on current, advanced weapons so Storm Shadow, Meteor and Brimstone are likely out.
  7. Wow, thank you to Dash and TG! An early order from me. The Luftwaffe Tr.1 minus PIRATE is a pretty unique variant. I presume the initial model is a Tr.1 Block 5 SRP 4.3 with Paveway but little else in the A2G department. The letter says 'Eurofighter Typhoon II', but I am surpised that GmbH / Selex / MBDA would give away a lot of data for the Tr.2 - even a Bl. 8 sounds like a stretch given confidential information. PIRATE would be great, but preume that you cannot promise anything at this early stage? In any case, great news and the best of luck to you and the team.
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