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  1. I'm just adding my vote to this idea.
  2. "Failure-Aw shoot" That's fantastic.
  3. I noticed that, and I see it every time I get in the cockpit. I also forget, every single time, to find out what it is.
  4. Thank you for this! Can't wait to try it out!
  5. This is pretty similar to my approach. I read the manual, to get an idea of each new area to learn, then I try to find a video demonstrating it. After that, I go into DCS and practice the hell out of it, using either the documentation, or videos as reference. Also, making your own kneeboards for whatever you're practicing can go a long way, too.
  6. Make sure, when you extend the refueling boom, that you put it in the correct position. As far as I remember, one position fills only internal tanks, and one position allows you to refuel internal AND external tanks. Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't gotten to AAR yet.
  7. Yeah, big difference between bogey and bandit.
  8. It's not two of them, you just forgot your 3D glasses.
  9. The only required things are the F-14 and the Persian Gulf map. Both of which need to be purchased.
  10. I think there is a limit on the number of songs, so you have to put them in a folder in the walkman folder, so you can switch them out. I have a few "mixtape" folders in my main walkman folder. When I want to listen to something else, I "swap out the tape" and then go fly. It's a great little system.
  11. If you break it down into different systems, and learn things one at a time, it becomes immensely easier. Real life pilots don't start out doing a start-up, get into a dogfight, bomb a target, circumnavigate the globe, and then land on their first flights, do they?
  12. My very first carrier landing ended in a 2 wire with a broken landing gear. Hahaha.
  13. I'm actually curious about this as well. Not specifically with waypoints, but will he stack all orders I give, or is it like the ground crew, where it'll stop what they're doing to do the newest order?
  14. Yeah, I agree, this would be an amazing option.
  15. Yeah, it's kinda of frustrating when trying to hook up to the cat, and slide all around.
  16. The lights work fine for me. I turn them on via the switches, and then flick the pinky switch on my warthog, and they come right on.
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