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  1. Is the server up? BS website shows 7 peeps online, but cant see it on DCS Servers list. Unless its just stuck showing 7 people online but its actually down?
  2. My name is James and I like long walks on the beach...
  3. x2, I appreciate the larger distance makes it a bit more immersive/real. But I do think people are keeping off it because of the whole distance thing. Keep up the good work though! :thumbup:
  4. Yeah thanks for that found that part. Odd it's not on the main profile bit as such, but either way thanks for helping. Loving the new pilots page bit!
  5. Been on for a few hours, now shows on statistics (whoop) but no stats apart from duration and flights. But guessing it may take a while to update?
  6. Hi Guys, I have been on Burning skies a few times in the last few days. But still don't seem to show up any statistics on the webpage. Any ideas why? thanks!
  7. Brilliant thanks for the responses guys, lots of helpful tips there thanks!
  8. Hi guys, I have fairly recently purchased the 109 and now fairly comfortable in takeoff/landing flight and done a bit of online fighting also I have come from the Spitfire, I was wondering what people's tips are on dogfighting with Spits or Mustangs. And what you try to do to win the fight, and also if you have any sneaky spotting techniques. I really struggle on working on what is friendly and what isn't, until its too late and I'm then the target! :helpsmilie: Anyway thanks in advance Jamie
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