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  1. Oh. Sounds quite Vindictive. There was someone who was supposed to release their FAA Tomcat skins, but I haven't heard anything from them since.
  2. Yes. (Think of it like flying the F-15 with commentary, sometimes helpful, from the back).
  3. This got me in a turning fight last night. Was wondering why they wouldn't drop, leveled off...KLUNK....alrighty then. Makes sense at least.
  4. Stephen King wrote it, Morgan Freeman said it and provided the inspiration.
  5. "I hope Heatblur is building this. I hope I can buy it when it comes out. I hope to see my fellow Hoggiteers and watch them crash. I hope the flight model is as good as it has been in my dreams. I hope." - Stephen King
  6. I fall into the Chuck Yeager camp, that whoever is the better pilot in their airframe is going to win the fight. Hell, I've seen great MiG-21 pilots knock down average F-15 pilots online. Strengths and weaknesses and wisdom.
  7. After almost two months in this Tomcat, I don't think I can be killed unless I do something criminally stupid, like fight four Su-33s while not having my full attention on the situation. It's just a beast in the air, and despite me coming to ignore Jester most of the time, it's in those merges where he becomes the most helpful. As for A2G, if this thing had an A2G radar, we'd be able to do absolutely everything. I now wish they had full explored expanding the D capabilities from the start, because it really can do almost everything, being limited only in low cloud and by not being able to carry HARMs or Harpoons.
  8. Viper pilots are weird, man.
  9. Reading the book Flight of the Intruder made me learn that my only useful reference would be the internal gauges. I'm strictly head down on launch, and almost completely head down until the ball call on recovery. I've even started turning the flashlight on and pointing it at the backup horizon.
  10. Whoa, it says today is the expiration. https://patents.google.com/patent/US5742278A/en
  11. This might earn me a beating, but I at this point am too wrapped up in the F-14 to care about what comes next.
  12. The conclusion I've come to, thanks to Victory, is that the B does not like to be power off anything. If you try to do crazy manuevers with power at MIL or better, you're going to have to work hard at departing it. If you take the power off, you will find yourself in an unrecoverable situation. That makes me respect the GE engines even more, the idea that those things were apparently enough to save all but the dumbest of moves.
  13. Haha, I did this and finally got the thing to flat spin on me.
  14. Given its mission, I'm surprised it can do more than two waypoints 1) Home 2) Target
  15. My only gripe is that I wish we the radalt was more accurate, because that would have been immensely more useful to have up front. edit - Which I know is a Tomcat, and not HB limitation
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