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  1. My Pre Orderd VKB Gunfighter Mk.II with MCG Pro EN Grip is now in stock & paid for :-) Should get it early next week. Also my Virpil VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle has been displached & is in transit. Should get it towards the end on this week
  2. Looks like VKB have now reiceived the latest batch. Have just paid for my Gunfighter Mk.II. Hopefuly will recieve it early next week. Great timing as I should also recieve my Virill VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle this week :):):pilotfly::pilotfly:
  3. Would love this to be fixed. My reasoning is a bit more subtle and I think would be a win / win for ED , module makers & users. I Love playing in VR. If the track replay issue was more reliable I could record a flight (say a aerobatics flight). When I have friends over & want to experience VR, what a perfect way to show the potential. Imagine a Full track replay of a 9 ship RED ARROWS display were you could just sit in the front or back seat of any of the HAWKS or what ever aircraft. It would be great if module makers could demo thier modules by releasing tracks (which you couldn't take control of) for you to experience the module. As a marketing tool I think it would be really powerful. As with the above example of a RED ARROWS display, I would pay a small amount for a track of a display.
  4. This is happening to me as well. Here is my setup:- Thrustmaster t-16000m flight stick Thrustmaster TWCS throttle Thrustmaster T-flight Pedals Thrustmaster Cougar MDFs Assigned TDC slewing to Throttle mini stick axis all OK. I then Read:- TDC Action/No Action modes along with TDC axis command are not available in the initial Early Release version. So tried to delete delete the assignment. When I pressed OK, I get the black screen. Manually editing the Throttle XML & deleting the assignment sorted the problem. But the above shows a way to reproduce the problem. I can also get the same problem with the MDF's. By default the MDFs appear as Joysticks & have Axis's assigned to them that do not exist. Clear any of the axis and I get the same black screen. I've seen this on the Viggen module as well so I don't think it's just a AV8B issue
  5. I'm not seeing much evidence of it. Got a constant small bank to the left, can't seem to trim it out.
  6. Hi Has anybody noticed that the trim has no effect in game flight model mode. I can see the trim wheels moving & the trim tabs on the control surfaces moving. However it has no effect on the flight dynamics?? I switched off the game flight model and the trim worked as expected. Is this feature of the game flight model, or is it a bug?. Using 1.5.8 beta & 2.2 alpha.
  7. Just been reading about the tooltips bug. Yes this all sounds very similar. Will try turning it off tonight. Looks promising though. Cheers Guys
  8. Hi I'm Having a strange Issue with DCS 2.1.1 & VR. Not If its the latest update or not as I haven't played in VR & 2.1.1 for a couple of weeks. Anyway DCS starts up in VR , However whenever I select a mission It loads and gets to the press esc/break to start / Fly Button and is quite stable ie I can look around etc. I press the fly button & things are ok. However if I start looking around (especially down & to the right) DCS crashes. It looks as if I may be getting a monmentry loss of head positon. Eveything is OK in Non VR mode & is OK in VR in version I have a gtx1070 graphics card & a HTC Vive. Another maybe realted thing I have added since is Track IR which I unplug when playing in VR. Not sure if thats relivent. Have tried with multiple aircraft, NTTR & Normandy, allways get the same result
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