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  1. From unplayable jittery low resolution mess straight to smooth, beautiful high resolution experience! It's like magic! Ryzen 5600X, RTX2070, 24GB RAM on G2 Reverb v1. I don't know how to measure FPS in OpenXR, but I suspect it's 45fps with reprojection because during fast head turn I can see black parts on screen (frames not being rendered fast enough)
  2. What worked for me: 1. HOTAS throttle to minimum 2. Pressed key to go from OFF to IDLE (it makes throttle move in-game, so you know when it worked) 3. Pushing throttle to MAX did not start any engine 4. On the right side of throttle and little forward, there is an ignition override switch for left and right engine. Throttle to MAX and I held ignition for few seconds. Engines started.
  3. Hey, Not sure if it interests anyone, but I thought I'll just put it here in case anyone searches for this info in the future. I made MGRS grid identical to the one visible on Caucasus map. It covers the whole playable area and grids are named (ex. GG26) You can use it external apps for DCS where you display custom map. Download here: mgrs_grid.zip
  4. Thank you everyone. I noticed that first rocket comes from the left wing, so when you bring 12 rockets, first one shoots from the left and you're left with 11 rockets, and that 11th rocket will shoot from the right and so on. Even numbers - left side Uneven numbers - right side
  5. Thanks. Is there any indicator which wing will shoot next? On HUD or instrument panel?
  6. I'm probably doing something wrong here. Vikhr rockets launch either from the left or right side. Every time I shoot I have to turn Ka50 a little, so Vikhr can get a lock. While turning itself is not that annoying, oftentimes during hover I can't see the target markers on HUD and I have to lower the nose, which destabilises my hover. How to do it properly?
  7. Any news on this? Release date, detailed list of features?
  8. Textures by Mustang look blurry on low altitudes. Anything is better than stock when it comes to resolution quality for helicopter flying?
  9. Look for DCS Witchcraft on Github - it's got it sorted very well
  10. I'm flying with HD Ricardo's Russian version black cockpit, but lots of elements are still very low resolution and quality. Is there any better cockpit when everything is crispy and detailed? English or Russian, doesn't matter.
  11. No, the Arduino Joystick will work like normal one, no Lua. Lua would be used only for exporting telemetrics to background app, which would translate it for Arduino (not sure how yet) to move motors. EDIT: Actually, I did some reading on Arduino. Looks like implementing USB HID both way would be difficult or even impossible. That way one could use two Arduinos, as they are pretty cheap - one for Joystick, second for Forcefeedback only, communicating as serial port via USB
  12. HID is to send joystick movement to game, force feedback would be done separately, but on the same Arduino
  13. OK, then it seems like all calculations should be made on computer as background app, and force feedback signals sent straight to joystick (ex. Arduino which already has working HID joystick library) with DC motors
  14. Nice Hakweye60! I feel that RaspberryPi would be easier to use than Mjoy or Arduino, as it's basically a Linux computer. Are there any ready to use libraries which make RaspberryPi a HID USB joystick?
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