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  1. Myself and another YouTuber (CheckSix) had this idea for a more dynamic mission in DCS World. So rather than having a specific sortie set up with flight plan etc, we would be given a general goal such as taking a number of heavily defended positions, or an offensive with the goal of pushing as far into their lines as possible. We are given a number of different resources and assets that we can use to achieve this goal, and how we would going about doing that would be up to us. So one would be flying multiple sorties in a variety of aircraft, along with controlling ground units over a 3 or 4 hour mission. Mainly this concept is for those who enjoy the planning phases of the game as much as the actual flying. Starting out with recon using either ground vehicles or aircraft to get intel on enemy positions, while marking out certain targets for air attack that can then be programmed into aircraft like the Viggen and KA-50. Then we go forward with ground attacks, responding to incoming fighters and bombers, advancing using ground forces with CAS etc. We found this concept really needs 3 or 4 people to be completely effective, rather than two. So if you're interested in joining us, feel free to add me on Steam or discord (CzarPeppers). Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and did manage to push forward and take some enemy positions. You can watch the first installment of this mini-series based on the first dynamic mission I made here: Although this first video is mainly our recon and SEAD efforts, there are some pretty exciting moment. The following installments will be uploaded over the next few weeks. If any of you express interest in them I will post links to the next installments in this thread. Or, you know, just subscribe to my channel ;) Also, please feel free to give any suggestion as to how I could improve this dynamic mission idea.
  2. I noticed the link was broken on the original thread, sorry about that. This is a two part KA-50 mission I did with fellow YouTuber CheckSix (whose channel you should certainly check out, although he mainly does IL2: BoS). I'll just post the links for the two videos since the embedded YouTube thing never works for some reason. PART 1: PART 2: Thanks, enjoy!
  3. This is a mission I did with fellow YouTuber CheckSix. In it we are attempting to fend off an American advance on Russian positions, we're tasked with supporting the forces defending outpost Alpha from the American waves of armour. Hope you enjoy.
  4. Haha, yeah you're probably right. Thought I would just try to respect the language of the forum.
  5. Быстрый вопрос, справа от Дисплей для головы на mig-21 (извините, я использую google translate прямо сейчас, потому что нет ничего для 21 на английском форуме) есть единица, которая, кажется, существует некоторое время, Но не другие. Я нахожу, что это мешает видеть Дисплей для головы должным образом большую часть времени, поэтому мне было интересно, почему он существует и могу ли я его удалить? Так как он, похоже, не был там большую часть времени из кадры геймплея я видел. Я не смог найти что-либо в этом руководстве по летной эксплуатации. Вот что я говорю: https://ibb.co/je4Fkk
  6. Since there is no forum for the MI-8 I figured I'd post it here, since it is the only helicopter with its own forum. I went to fly a mission in the MI-8 today, the start procedure goes normally. But the moment I attempt to take off I get generator failures and not enough power going to the rotors to take off. I have done the start procedure as I have many times before, and I have made multiple attempts paying extreme attention to my start checklist. But each time, I am unable to get enough lift to lift-off and I have failures in the various generators. I don't have random system failures set up for the helicopter on this mission either. I've done many missions in the Mi-8, it being one of my favorite aircraft in the game. But this is the first time I have had this problem. What it seems to be acting like is the throttle isn't going to 100%, but I have checked the axis mapping and everything is in order. Any ideas?
  7. I've been having some issues trying to set up troop pickups for an MI-8 mission. Here is what I've been doing to set it up as laid out in the tutorials I've watched. -Make group of infantry and a helicopter -Set an advanced way point option for the infantry for embarking, setting the pick up area size and assigning the unit (in this case my MI-8) that will pick them up. -I do the same for the MI-8 for embarking in the area that the infantry are set to get picked up in, and assigning the infantry group pickup in the same way I did so for the infantry. -I also set up the disembarking zone for the infantry and helicopter. Once in the mission I land my chopper in the pickup zone, open the cargo bay door and go into the radio menu and select F-7 (whatever that option is called, I don't recall). But when I select the group I want to transport in the radio options no commands shows up except one that just says the name of the group of infantry, when I select it they don't do anything. I'm assuming I'm missing something pretty simple, but I have followed the tutorials completely and I have yet to figure it out. So fellow pilots, what am I missing? Or is this possibly a bug? Because from the information I've found I have followed the instructions on how to set this up. I had also wondered whether they needed to be set to a specific frequency, since the MI-8 requires the correct FQ to be input. However there isn't a way to set the FQ for the infantry group, I have also tried to doing the 'set frequency' option in the advanced way point options for the infantry group, but this hasn't worked either. I know the KA-50 has a knob for selecting between stuff like ATC and ground crew for the radio, but I don't think the MI-8 has that. But I do know there are a number of different radios for the Mi-8, does one of these have to be selected possibly?
  8. I still pretty new to the KA-50, but I made a video of a mission that I put together and flew the other day I thought I'd share with you guys. Basically my mission is to take out as much enemy armour as possible before an offensive to take the enemy held positions. Once the offensive begins my job is to move up with the advancing tanks and take out any targets that are still firing on them. Enjoy!
  9. Ooooooo, thank you very much. These are great.
  10. I've been trying to figure this out for awhile now, but Google searches and a search on these forums hasn't brought anything concrete up. The MI-8 has the ARCH-UD nav radio for tracking emergency beacons, and the ARCH-UD has 6 preset channels that it can hone in on via VHF, along with one channel on UHF. I was wondering how to set one of these beacons up in a mission. For example, a pilot goes down in the mountains and activates his emergency beacon and it is my mission to find him using the ARCH-UD radio nav unit. I think that these are the frequencies for those six channels... CH1: 114.167 CH2: 114.333 CH3: 114.584 CH4: 121.500 CH5: 123:100 CH6: 124.100 UHF CHANNEL: 243.0 I could be wrong though, the source I found wasn't exactly clear on that. I have tried to set up a scenario like this using the 'set frequency' under 'perform command' in the advanced way point settings for a unit, and I've tried both AM and FM. However when I try to set up the ARCH-UD in the helicopter it doesn't pick up on the signal. I'm 90% sure it isn't me not knowing how to operate the ARCH-UD as I've gone over how to use it God only knows how many times now. But just in case I'll go over everything I do to use it. -I turn the ARCH-UD unit on (I've tried all the different settings on there; narrow, wide, pulse etc.) -I make sure the band selector is on 'MW' on the ARCH-UD panel (for the VHF frequencies) -Select the correct channel using the frequencies aforementioned as reference. -If I want to listen to the ARCH-UD broadcast I select 'ARCH-UD' on the radio selection panel (although I don't think this is necessary for setting it up for navigation. -Then i selected 'VHF' instead of 'MW' on the left seat dash. (I have also tried having it on 'MW' There is also the 'transmit message' command under the advanced way point settings, but this doesn't give any kind of options for frequency for channels so I don't think that would be it. So at this point I'm stumped, so any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
  11. I had some trouble trying to find detailed information about the MI-8's various fuel systems, as they are not covered in detail in the DCS Flight manual that I could see. So once I managed to find some sources relating to it I figured I should make a video guide to share the information. So for anyone who has the MI-8 module for DCS, this video will help you understand the fuel systems for basic operation and troubleshooting in a crisis situation. Engine fires, failure in fuel system components and fuel leaks. CLICK LINK BELOW IF EMBEDDED DOES NOT WORK ${1}
  12. Hey, I'm new to the forums but I've been playing DCS for awhile now. I thought I'd share the first video in an MI-8 series that I'm doing. The scenario in the video will evolve as the series goes on, and since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot featuring this wonderful aircraft I thought I would share it with you guys. I aimed to make it a little more cinematic than the normal let's play, with some music to add to the situation. The mission is to evacuate some Spetsnaz troops that have been caught behind enemy lines after a flanking maneuver. In order to avoid SAM sites and other anti-aircraft emplacements I have to stay low, following the valley to the LZ. However there is plenty of infantry along my path along with more serious threats. ${1} - In case the other one doesn't work. There's also another series I'm working on feature many different aircraft and a scenario I've created that will evolve as the series goes on with far more detail than what I'm doing for this one. This is sort of a test bed for my new 'Flashpoint' series. By the way, if anyone is interested in playing this mission let me know and I'll upload it somewhere.
  13. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I have been playing DCS for a little while now, starting out with the SU-25T and now I'm learning the Mi-8. Been having a ton of fun learning all the different systems, it is great having a sim that is so detailed. I'm itching to get my next properly model aircraft now. I've been into flight sims since I was a kid, Microsoft Flight Simulator (starting with 1998), Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, Aces High (which is a fantastic WW2 flight sim), and plenty of others. Lately I've been really making the effort to get into the genre, with IL2: Cliffs of Dover team fusion, IL2: BoS, Rise of Flight and of course DCS. I'm finding the more modern setting of DCS is a nice chance from the usual WW2. Anyways! That's me.
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