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  1. Hey LRRP, i used to fly with you and Bader on your old F86 Server back in 2014/15... are you guys still doing alright and flying?

  2. Update: Ran perfectly for a day. Loads the main menu just fine and can change settings etc. BUT... Now back to freezing my whole computer when loading any mission.
  3. I'm not on in the evenings Harley. Can you fly during the day on the weekends?
  4. I'm usually on from around 7:00 AM to approx. 4:00 PM CST every day.
  5. @ Harley Davidson: Sorry for the misunderstanding. There is no longer any need to roll back to any older version to fly our campaigns. Please see posts #59 and #63 in this thread.
  6. Yes. See post #63 in this thread.
  7. Understood. Lot's of guy's I've flown with have the same problem. I have the same problem. Seems to come and go for me. Lately I've been lucky. If mine goes I just respawn the next time I land and I get my sound back.
  8. Good to finally get you in a Sabre tman. Fair Warning! The Sabre can be habit forming.
  9. @tmansteve: Good morning. Was on all day yesterday so don't know what happened. Sorry we missed. It's 7:30 A:M Sunday morning as I type this; about 1:30 P:M for you I think. I'm on TeamSpeak right now and plan to be on for the next eight to nine hours.
  10. @Wazoo: I'm typically on TeamSpeak from approx. 7:00 A:M to approx. 4:00 P:M Central time every day. Not usually on in the evenings. Looking forward to meeting both of you. @tmansteve: Often there will not be a "server" up for you to find. Best if you look for me on TeamSpeak. Again, please see post #63.
  11. @tmansteve - please see post #63. If you see my mike muted in teamspeak just poke me.
  12. @tmansteve: It is an ongoing problem as in it's been going on for years. Goes back at least as far as version 1.5.3. Do yourself a favor and don't spend your valuable time trying to fix it. It's not your hardware or software it's a bug in the game. There is a thread about it somewhere on the forums. All we can do is tolerate it until they fix it. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The Sabre is that much fun to fly.
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