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  1. I cannot get the sound pack to work at all putting it in the saved games and dcs folders.
  2. Not more than maybe a third of my back. Now that I thought about it, its due to my desk height and the stick being on it with an extension. I would have to reach up unless I get one of those mounting brackets.
  3. My concern with the jetseat is that I tend to sit leaning forward when playing so the back part would kind of be useless or is it really that much better than the buttkicker to still get it? I wonder if the graphics card can be used as a sound card since it has audio jacks. Its a 1080ti.
  4. To get set up do I need a soundcard, sound module, wings, wings addon, and a ButtKicker Gamer2?
  5. "No can do." He tells me that a lot.
  6. In DCS, not much of a difference, maybe a few frames gained. The fps do seem a little more stable. I have also been using just the Tomcat and that cockpit is just a resource hog so it may actually be better. This wasn't a planned upgrade though, but I wouldn't recommend the switch for the price. I think I am GPU limited more than anything.
  7. I just reinstalled the WMR drivers, WMR to SteamVR drivers, and SteamVR and it worked. I think it was the WMR to SteamVR ones. Thanks for the help everyone.
  8. I did some more testing and found that DCS in desktop mode is way over 60 fps and Total War: 3 Kingdoms has a 30+ fps gain. But, vr ones like Il2 and H3VR are now having FPS issues so I have no clue what is going on. They all ran smooth as butter on the 7700k.
  9. 11GB GDDR5. The Intel support app says everything is up to date. Odyssey+ at 1.3 in game PD
  10. I upgraded from a 7700k to a 9900k yesterday and in my first tests, I am getting around 15 FPS lower in VR. I use the F14 On Cat 5 mission as my baseline. I went from around 37FPS on the deck to 20-23FPS now. I have no idea what is the cause of this and have tried quite a few things with no difference in results. Any suggestions? Specs: 1080TI 11GB GDDR5 32GB DDR4 3200 9900k Z390E Mobo M2 SSD Odyessy+
  11. Hold the fire button down for a few seconds.
  12. Selling my 1070 with box and everything that came in it. Looking to get $430 shipped CONUS through Paypal gift or add 3% sending Paypal payment. I am in Philadelphia, PA if anyone is local.
  13. Terrain shadows is flat. The other shadow setting was killing my fps til I set that to flat as well.
  14. I am finding that shadows are a major fps drop.
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