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  1. Please can you guys do this JASDF paint scheme for the viggen?
  2. No mods installed . How do I run a repair?
  3. I am unable to join some servers because I do not have a pure client . How do i fix this ? These are the files that are causing the problems: demomods/aircraft/hawk/entry.lua bazar/shaders/fxo/430ad6546f54f81dcc8dce0198bf3269.fxo bazar/shaders/fxo/5c735503149507d327b4c72ea805e67f.fxo bazar/shaders/fxo/a57749a698e52786b5f4a099da923967.fxo What should i delete to get it to work properly?
  4. Wow thanks for the image . It will definitely help me with the stick . I have no problem with the clickable cockpit . I really want to know how to fly an actual military aircraft . Thanks for your reply . I do have it stored on drive but I did not know it was updated automatically . I have it stored on my phone so I can use it as a kneeboard . FARP landing will be awesome too .
  5. It worked!. Thanks you so much dudikoff :worthy:
  6. I see . Thanks you everyone . I really appreciate the help and time .
  7. But it meets the minimum requirements , right? Is there anything I can do?
  8. I installed the 1.5 beta . Should I have downloaded the release version?
  9. https://www.hpshopping.in/hp_notebook_-_15-ay503tx it's a laptop with an AMD card . The card is 2 gb and has direct x11 8 gb ram , I5 , Windows 10 , 64 bit
  10. Thanks everyone . As I will have the module for a long time , I am ready to give it a shot . I originally wanted the mirage , I said so in my original post but after some consideration , I selected the viggen . I really like the viggen and I do not have the budget to buy both aircraft . I will be mostly free for two months and I hope to learn all the aircraft systems . I really want to drop bombs and missiles and have some missiles for self-defence . Everything about the viggen seems right to me :) . The viggen may have more complex systems than the mirage but I'm prepared to learn :book: . I downloaded both the manuals and the guides by Chuck . Thank you for your input , I really appreciate but I don't think I want to go air to air just yet .
  11. I downloaded DCS open beta for the first time yesterday . When I played it , the ground and sky was black . After some short manouvers , the game would crash every time . I have a computer that reaches the minimum requirements . I did not have any mod but I installed reshade which made half the map proper and the other half black but my game crashed shortly after . Please help :cry: I have wanted to play this game for years :cry:
  12. Thank you for your time , friends . My apologies , I will check the viggen forums for these queries . I think I will purchase the viggen .Thanks again for your time and replies :thumbup:
  13. Thank you for your reply . I will only be buying full fidelity modules and what I meant was among other full fidelity aircraft , the mirage has good capabilities . Are there any campaigns for the viggen? Any major bugs? Also one General question for DCS: is it possible for a new player to join a squadron and fly with these pilots with comms? What are the pros and cons of the viggen ?
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