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  1. Can confirm about Love, Death, and Robots- loved every minute of it. Fans of the old Heavy Metal magazine will love it! :geek:
  2. I hope this is a call out for realism...or something... Now that the 'Cat is finally here, it kind of feels like she's being picked apart... If this is just criticism to the devs, I understand, but if not.... EDIT- I'm just glad she's here- you boys have your fun.
  3. Skins like this are going to be falling like RAIN, man get ready! :pilotfly:
  4. Try VKB, T-rudder pedals. A little pricier at $200, but well worth it. I own them, and so happy with the choice.
  5. Somebody get whoever made that trailer a beer- and put it on my tab! Congratulations to the development team, you have created something very special here.
  6. Good morning gentlemen, it is 110 degrees... Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone Happy Tomcat day! I am SOOO looking forward to installing this after work today! Clear skies everyone!
  7. Now you can build your plane, so you can paint your plane, so you can look at your plane, while you FLY your plane! :megalol:
  8. It's my go-to plane when i just want go for a quick spin. Highly recommend. Easy to fly and FUN. :thumbup:
  9. DoomEngine


    Be sure to get Chuck's guide on the aircraft regardless :thumbup:
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