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  1. I for one would NOT be happy having to pay for something that should be part of the core sim experience
  2. This idea was suggested many years ago (on these forums I think) , but nothing was done about it by ED Hyperlobby cannot support DCS due to a lack of functionality on the DCS side of things
  3. It would be simpler just to add commandline support , that is all that is needed for a game to work with hyperlobby -connect address:port for connecting to a server -host configfile.txt possible implementation for a host to launch game with a config file that sets everything up
  4. Hyper lobby was amazing Back in ye olde days we had a great time using it , it was brilliant for organising games il2 , lomac etc DCS could support it and give use a better way of organising flights ..... But sadly ED seem to not care about us All they would have to do is add command line start-up options to the game, then we could use hyperlobby to play together Consider that command line options have been arround since the 80's, its not asking too much is it ?
  5. if you want to disable updates on windows 10 you can open a dos window as administrator and use sc config BITS start= disabled sc failure BITS reset= 86400 actions= ////// net stop BITS sc config wuauserv start= disabled sc failure wuauserv reset= 86400 actions= ////// net stop wuauserv if you want to disable ms installer service (to stop stupid apps being re-installed after you remove them) use: sc config msiserver start= disabled sc failure msiserver reset= 86400 actions= ////// net stop msiserver I have attached a bat file with a menu on it (easier to use) must run it as admin tho update_control.zip
  6. hmmmm 1. Try making sure dcs.exe is enabled in your windows firewall (are you using any other firewall software) 2. Is the server set to public ? (in the create multiplaer server bit of DCS)
  7. NOT the best idea if it is a windows based PC, fully exposing it to the internet is not the best idea if you dont want it possibly getting hacked
  8. many thanks for doing this great mod
  9. is there a new moderator ? AH the banner at the top , doh Its nice
  10. ...... Once had one come in ... from an office in a quarry , entire inside coated with about 10 - 15mm of heavy dust was awefull And yeah smokers ones are terrible to work on , sticky smelly crap over everthing
  11. The havoc training server (no PVP) has it for you to fly around in
  12. I have all the helis , my fave is the MI-8 In order Mi-8 ka-50 huey Gazelle
  13. I use water cooling in both my media pc and my gaming rig Corsair H50 and a corsair H80 , they have both been rocking strong for 5+ years now without issue, my i5 is overclocked from 3.3Ghz to 4.4Ghz and it stay pretty cool under the H80
  14. IS there a benchmarking track anywhere that can give good consistent results every time it is run ?
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