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  1. Mmmm so you think then at 7.4G the wing just snaps? Aircraft particularly combat aircraft are built with large stress margins for the very reason they know combat pilots under stress can over G any aircraft. They dont just snap like a twig as in whats happening with the F-5 right now for very minor exceedences. Even larger exceedences dont cause structural failure unless its a massive exceedence.
  2. Lol the Bug(imagine wanting to fly an aircraft called that..lol..sorry) has barely enough gas to get to the corner store to buy a bottle of milk and back without tanking unless hauling three gas bags killing what little performance it had to start with. On price it staggers me gamers(not aviation lovers they get it) think a product with tens of thousands of hours of testing of a product which is required to meet real world performance parameters on a home PC is "expensive". This "mentality" that they want exact performance replication for zero to little cost flies in the face of any product wanting accuracy. Want it cheap thats go fly one of the MSFS aircraft they where cheap and none fly like real aeroplanes and are even further from there real world brethren. Time, effort, work cost people time and they deserve to be rewarded and id happily pay twice the ost of the F-14 as in houirs of gaming other than the FSLABS in P3D its the most used simulated aircraft i own. Value wise its easily the cheapest aircraft i have bought in DCS just due how much use it gets. Its not just another FBW aircraft you cant break and requires thought to fly and employ. The Jester addition is pure genius and combine that with the thought about how to replicated things like aero buffet its easily the best implementation of multi sensory input to create the feel of real flight while sitting stationary at a table. It has so much "character" that no other module has captured from Jester bleating on about your flying skills to adverse yaw it really is an absolute stunning example of what the home PC can achieve. Go watch Tomcat Tales on Vimeo or Amazon and you will see why Tomcats are adored and Hormets are nicknamed after an insect..
  3. Same issue here after latest update...multiple modules all paid for but saying not...they have buggered something as i am showing a whole pile of things like Gazelle, L-39 plus nav systems turned on but i dont own them...i own FC but now showing i own all the seperate FC aircraft as seperate modules.
  4. Last time i looked through the fixed caused by the 18/11 patch where to be released on the 16th Dec. Is that not happening as its well into the 17th here. Delayed?
  5. As i said when talking to first hand experience id take that over reading 2 pages of comments You can find plenty of first hand direct commentary on usage of flaps in low speed ACM maybe you should be reading those rather than me reading pages of complaints? Overwhelmingly the usage of flaps in turning fights was widespread just go ask an ex F14 driver. I know 3 first hand all of whom attest to the strength of flaps and the aircraft. I know them and will take that as being good enough for me. If the advisor to HB is saying the reverse thats fair enough as every pilots experience will be different depending on units, commanders, engineers, training. There is pleny of written first hand evidence of usage but i have never seen a single photo of a jammed flap F-14 coming back onto the boat or field. Have you? If you have feel free to share. Because the penalty of using them is now so huge ie a completely jammed surface which would never jam like that(yes it might be damaged but damaging is not jamming) as such the F14 is losing a benefit of its flap system. There has to be a better resolution than simply jamming the system that more reflects an operational degradation. IE slower run time, degradation of capability that gets worse until failure. The simple jamming is 1000 times more unrealistic than any use of flaps outside normal envelope.
  6. Bit of a huge pity that a brand new aeroplane is so broken out of the gate that we are all parking it against the fence. If there is a fix it should be expedited over and above any other fixes as a seperate patch just to get the F14's back flying. Are we sure this Tomcat wasnt built by Boeing??? lol
  7. Something being lost here is the impression that an Ironworks aeroplane would have flaps "JAM" in the first place. There is an impression aeroplanes just "break"..they dont. On the aircraft i used to fly we had an aircraft deploy flaps at double its limit speed. This is not a small aircraft travelling slowly either. Result..nothing. Aircraft lands has swarms of engineers running around with torches etc, zero damage at 350 kts on an civilian airliner. This isnt a carrier based fighter from the toughest construction manufacturer ever to build aircraft but an Airbus built to a budget not a G limit.. This jamming thing is something that yes i understand penalizes people but its also highy unrealistic given the usage and operational evidence of them being used in a much broader envelope. Did i mention its a Grumman aircraft builder of basically the toughest war machines ever built. This is why crews did rely on the use of flaps outside the normal envelope because they knew it was built like a truck and they knew the flaps wouldnt jam. The use of flaps out side normal envelope is widely written about and denying that use is denying a very effective tactic use extensively by experienced crews. "Hey chief i blew the flaps out again today a case of beers ok?" Removing this as a valid ACM option from the F14's arsenal is a major error in my opinion. This rolling of the dice when in reality the aircraft at speeds in the order of 350kts or less could easily take flap usage without damage disabling the system turns a valid tactic into a crap shoot based off a desire to stop very valid tactics why used the very strengths of the F14 frequently. Further to that flaps dont break...they ripple when over G'd having suffered structural damage. The retraction/extension mechanism is easily strong enough to deal with the load the surfaces however are the weak point. Anyway a minor point on a very good aircraft in the sim and thanks Heatblur for bring the legend alive..
  8. I had a flap jam well below 300 kts yesterday something is broken. Likewise the accel off the runway is terrible. From gear up with a clean wing to 400kts takes forever in the B and longer in the A. if something aero has been tweaked its broken them both substantially. Reading accounts on the B’s accel off the deck its nothing like this slow. Above 400-450 seems fine its low speed accel is now heavily broken. Just watch any airshow vid of a B or D and you will see that clearly. Did anyone even test fly the changes before release?
  9. Thats the best flight sim video i haveever seen. Cant wait to get hold of the F-14. Thanks for making the dream come to life!
  10. One of my pet peeves of any flight sim the infamous head bob. The thing is your head in the real world is stabilized by your neck and upper torso. Your head doesnt flop around like a springy man on a truck dashboard. To add to that your brain does a great job of cancelling movement from your eyes so the suspension you get ie dampening created by your body cancels out almost all movement except in the worst turbulence. Aerobatics etc are the same buffet being absorded. The elimination of the head bounce function should be the elimination of it it is highly unrealistic But what would i know i have only been flying for 33 years lol...
  11. I have contrails but have tried different weather settings to no avail to get back the wing tip vortices which is one of the Hornets most distinctive features in anything other than super dry air. I had contrails on the Persian Gulf map have not flown the Hornet on the others..
  12. I have contrails but have tried different weather settings to no avail to get back the wing tip vortices which is one of the Hornets most distinctive features in anything other than super dry air. I had contrails on the Persian Gulf map have not flown the Hornet on the others..
  13. Wing flex is amazing great work incredibly realistic. Anyone else noticed the wingtip vortices are missing? I havnt seen any either in sim or watching streams since release..
  14. Hey Guys first up brilliant effort getting this Hornet out it is a awesome addon and then some. My question is regard to the wingtip vortice's seem to have gone missing. In video's etc they are present but in none of my flights or any streams have i seen any. Normal ecto/moisture pulling G but the ever present Hornet wingtip trails seem to have gone missing. Am "I" missing something ie a weather setting for temp that makes them re-appear? A cloud setting maybe? Thanks again Darren
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