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  1. Hmm, well sort of! I move the pad and yes, I can enter coords into the CDU, but then I can't get back to pad to enter anything else, so I close the pad and reopen. I think you have given me enough clues to make it useable but just wondering if this is to do with my particular setup or a general issue? Cheers Sandy
  2. Great wee tool! However I seem to have a problem entering the coords into the CDU when the Scratchpad is visible. My cursor dissapears as I move my mouse over the CDU keyboard! If I hide the scratchpad it is back to normal, so for me on VR it sort of defeats the purpose! Any clues to what I should do to solve this? Cheers Sandy
  3. Yep, more info needed. See my PI for rig details, but in 2.7 latest, always smooth in single player but obviously multiplayer can get a bit weird at times, seems to be "more weird more often" in VR than "normal" but nothing that seems unusual.
  4. mosslman

    2.5.6 No VR

    Nope, still just opens the first window and then dissapears, no message. I used to write stuff for MSDOS so quite happy with command line switches :-)
  5. mosslman

    2.5.6 No VR

    Still no go for me, DCS.exe and DCS_Updater both set to run as admin and shortcut set as "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe" --force_disable_VR I don't use Skatezilla (should I?) since I prefer minimal stuff running. My version openbeta
  6. If the Centre VR key doesn't work then I use the right hand controller, press Oculus (menu) button which brings up a screen with "Reset view" and that sorts it out. I don't know why the Centrte VR key doesn't always work.
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