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  1. Hey guys! I know that the Devs at ED are super busy and overloaded as it is, but I figured that this would be a cool addtion to DCS and the F/A-18C and directly relates to the Persian Gulf Map. That is the AGM-123 Skipper II rocket Assisted LGB. I came across this weapon while researching Operation Praying Mantis and a number of these weapons were used to sink the Iranian frigate Sahand. The little info I could find says that the weapon was cleared for use for the A-6E A-7E and the F/A-18 and was created by the weapon wizards at China Lake. The weapon itself as a GBU-16 (A Mk.83 with Laser Guidance Kit) with a solid fuel rocket motor attached to the rear to increase the standoff distance for the weapon. it says that the weapon was developed as an Anti-shipping weapon for high altitude standoff attacks against enemy shipping equipped with air defenses, and it was used in this role during operation Praying Mantis. Kinda cool! I though it would be a novel and interesting addition to the F-18!
  2. Hey Deka! If you guys see this, as a mission editor I would love to see the default Pakistani skins to be amended to be able to use them while the JF-17 is set to the US faction in DCS. My reasoning for this is i do a lot of iterative work on missions and using mission templates and because there is no way to edit coalitions (easily) after creating a DCS mission I think this would be a much easier to use those very cool default Pakistani skins! Thanks for your hard work on the module!
  3. I would 100% agree that this map would be both breath taking visually, AND completely and totally relevant to the aircraft and hardware present in DCS both past and present!
  4. After getting hyped for the new Marianas map it hit me that with the main enemy being the Chinese on this map we need their long range bomber/maritime patrol aircraft in the form of the Harbin H-6 which is a copy of the Tu-16 Badger. I don’t know if Deka have this on their radar or not but it seems like a great AI aircraft to include with the map! AND it’s a twofer with H-6 for China and the Tu-16 for Russia/USSR, even Egypt for the new Syria map!
  5. So I was playing with the various weapons and systems of the F-16C when I came across the CBU-97 SFW, I do not fly the A-10C so i had not used this weapon in DCS before, and wow was I shocked when I watched the weapon view! It's amazing how much detail went into the animation for this weapon when everyone would have been happy with a cool effect that looked great from the cockpit. I think the amazing effects and animation that went into the CBU-97 shows how much ED cares for their product and takes pride in its authenticity even in 95% of the playerbase will never see that one detailed animation.
  6. Hey guys does anyone know if there is a keybind to adjust the NVG gain on the mirage 2000?
  7. Man, I cannot for the life of me get this mod to work. I can see the alpha jet but not the map
  8. Hey guys here is my review of thustmaster's new F/A-18C Stick Grip! So far I love it! It is almost here guys, the Thrustmaster F/A-18C Stick Grip addon for the Warthog Hotas system. Thrustmaster was kind enough to send me a fantastic care package with the TRP Rudder Pedals and more importantly the F/A-18C Stick Grip, a highly anticipated flight sim peripheral that has been in the works since the DCS: F/A-18C Lot 20 Hornet module was released. The Stick Grip is now available for preorder in Europe and will be available for preorder World Wide on the 10th of June with commercial availability stating July 25th, 2019! The stick will retail for $229.99 or 199.99 Euros! So far I really love this stick it is the perfect complement to the DCS: F/A-18C Lot 20 Hornet and DCS: AV-8B NA Harrier II Modules. Lets hope that someday soon we will also be able to use her with the DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle module. I would 100% Recommend this stick to any flight sim fan or DCS: World Player even if they do not currently own the DCS F/A-18. It feels very nice in hand and is a massive upgrade over the old A-10C style grip.
  9. Spudknocker

    Mirage F1

    Awesome, that will be a very cool airplane to have!
  10. I had a very nice Patron generously gift me the F-16C this morning, so I guess I sorta preordered! I cant wait to get my hands on the F-16 and make some videos about her! I also cant wait for the Syria map! Man i would love to create a Pseudo Operation Opera mission with F-16's and F-15's raiding the reactor! The future of DCS looks super bright thanks for such an awesome product ED, and I am very happy to be part of such an awesome community!
  11. Hey Guys, I know that Comms are being worked on for Carrier ATC and land based ATC is being revamped, and I have an idea for you regarding the implementation of the new Comms system. I think it should be a Radial Menu with head tracking support similar to Heatblur's Jester AI menu. If there is one thing about the F-14 that Heatblur absolutely nailed, 100% its the Jester AI interface. It is so quick, snappy and intuitive that it makes talking to your AI Back seater a breeze. In fact, I like it so much that I constantly accidentally try to talk to jester instead of opening the comms menus. I believe that changing the comm menus from the upper right hand corner to a center screen radial with head tracking would make for much easier, quicker and more intuitive comms set up than the F-Keys or using the mouse in the upper right hand corner and make talking to ATC or your AI Wingmen a breeze!
  12. Hmmmm... I will throw my hat into the ring with my own three guesses for the map location based on Matt's above answer saying no one has yet guessed... I believe he also said that's where he always wanted to fly the DCS: Hornet soooo based on that that info here it goes... Gulf of Sidra/Libya, the GIUK Gap between Iceland, Greenland and the UK (hugely strategic point during the Cold War) or Venezuela and the ABC islands! There one sorta makes sense guess, another that is more slightly out there, and the way out of left field guess of Venezuela (I just read Declared Hostile and thought that could be a cool DCS Map haha)
  13. I know you guys have been asking for this video for awhile now but I figured there would be no better person to talk to you about the RIO Seat controls than an actual former RIO and Heatblur SME. John personally uses a Thrustmaster T1600M But all of the controls that he goes over can be bound to any HOTAS solution on the market! Huge thank you to John for showing us how he setup his HOTAS for use in the RIO Seat of the DCS: F-14B Tomcat from HeatBlur and another big thank you to Straywolf for helping to set everything up! If you want to contact me with feedback on videos or want to collaborate feel free to join my personal discord here: https://discord.gg/kADuSzS
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