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  1. Thanks, I will try this and let you know. I don't have any mod installed at all. I will try to install via the method above but I'm not sure what i have to type for the FC3 planes... :joystick: EDIT: Despite the terrain being already installed, it's downloading it again. EDIT2: After downloading and installing again over existing installation everything is fine.
  2. Thank you, ticket submitted to support.
  3. Thanks for your answer. Now that you mentioned it, i opened my log and found an entry saying "Scripting: plugin: SKIPPED 'Syria': not authorized" which is strange. Attaching my log so maybe you can figure it out better than me. dcs.log
  4. Tried it, doesn't appear there either. I was able to fly in the Syria map with my helicopters using a custom mission that i made last week. Since then, Syria map does not appear anywhere in game, except in the module manager. Check the screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/8YlirjL I'm starting to think there is something wrong with DCS installation but I haven't changed anything since I last played a week ago. :helpsmilie:
  5. HI there, Somehow the Syria map has vanished from the game. I played it a week ago and of course I'm on the latest open beta build The map is not appearing in instant action, fast missions or mission editor so there is no way for me to fly in it. :cry: However, the map appears to be installed in the module manager and it's also showing as installed in Skatezilla's DCS updater/launcher utility which is totally weird. Anyone else had similar issues? Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. Hi, I'm enjoying the beautiful Syria map and I wanted to report a bug. While flying in my Gazelle around north Syria, I arrived in Idlib and went to land inside the stadium. The ground in the stadium is not solid and my helicopter went below the ground... and destroyed of course! :doh: The map is the best money I have ever spent on DCS, it's just in another league. :pilotfly: Happy flying, Miks
  7. Hi Devrim, Thanks for all your hard work with your fantastic mods! I have a question about JSGME. When I try to enable more than one cockpit mod, for example, "DEVRiM Ka-50 Ricardo's HD Blue Cockpit" AND "DEVRiM Mi-8MTV2 English Cockpit Mod v1.9.5" I get a warning from JSGME that says: Folder "Liveries" has already been added by the "DEVRiM Ka-50 Ricardo's HD Blue Cockpit" mod. Enabling this mod *may* have adverse effects on your game. Are you sure you wish to enable this mod? What should I do? Select Yes or No? Or have I done something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  8. Look, I’m not of those hater trolls who likes to whine and complain about the slightest things. I’ve participated in numerous prerelease/early access software products and I like to contribute and help with my comments. But DCS as a whole has a track record of flimsy, to put is mildly, early releases. I only wanted to express my frustration and I immediately get jumped by you and other defenders with the classic line “well if you didn’t want this then don’t participate in it”. I apologize for expressing my opinion and promise to keep my frustrations to myself from now on...
  9. I expect it to work, I don't mind half the features missing. And it seems I do need to download the beta client so there's your beta testing. Also, I don't need a lecture, thanks.
  10. Well we were just recently informed that we have to download the beta 1.5 client so I'm kinda forced into it, aren't I? I wouldn't mind if it actually worked but it's unplayable atm.
  11. Getting tired of paying companies to beta-test their products...
  12. Hi all, :helpsmilie: Is there a way to only show your allies on the map without showing your aircraft too? The current options from the manual are: MAP ONLY. No objects icons will be displayed on the map. MY A/C. Only the player's own aircraft icon will be displayed on the map. FOG OF WAR. Only hostile units detected by friendly units are displayed. ALLIES ONLY. Only units of the player's coalition will be displayed on the map. ALL. All units will be displayed on the map. Default selection. If I select ALLIES ONLY, I can see myself also on the map but I don't want to. If I wanted to see myself, I would select MY A/C, but then I don't see my allies... Anyone figured this out? Thanks
  13. I was hoping that my first post wouldn't be to report a problem, but yeah, my F-5 also freezes as soon as I click FLY. Sorry, but not logs to send since they don't get generated before the freeze... Win 10 Pro, Nvidia 970GTX, 16 GB RAM, Core i5 Salute to all! o/
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