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  1. It was done for the A-10, why not the harrier?, pretty much Yak-38 livery, looks really cool in the harrier
  2. Well, i would love to see it, Yak or Aermacchi, a light trainer/attack aircraft with more advanced tech than C-101 can be quite cool and actually have some role in MP... Besides, this plane is accursingly cute
  3. Looking at certain developments as of the last days:lol:, this is the million euros question
  4. Damn right, i recall one of the first things they showed were the EFM of all things, which is one of the things that most 3rd partys seems to neglect
  5. However what's really relevant is the main question. Will they stick to chinese aircraft? (That would be amazing)
  6. Dunno, it works for me when droppin GBU's
  7. The G issue was a problem... 6g and you already blacked out! Fortunately this one is already fixed
  8. Is there any chance to add the A-4c now that the "invincibility" has been fixed?
  9. Well, they seem to be completely ignoring more polite requests. No wonder things are getting hot
  10. Its always good to see that they take this seriously, such an icon of the Cold War deserves no less
  11. Just arm them, 101 has a lot of autonomy, and even better, takes effort to lift up with an average loadout
  12. Lets face it, EA or finished, its foolish to not expect bugs in the first days... Anyway, as glad as i can be for a new soviet jet its true that it feels wrong in the handling, too smooth for a plane ot that era i think.... I guess they'll tweak as soon as they can. Judging for what i had read Razbam was quite rushed for release, judging for some answers they gave in other bug reports so lets be a bit patient, the module is meant to be full feature, not bug-free :D
  13. Ufff i think there will be a lot of try and error
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