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  1. Hello , i bought gazelle off the steam sale.While i was installing the module on dcs 2.0 a power surge happend.(literaly the moment dcs was about to launch) Now i am getting this JSON error when i click on the launcher. Same thing happens if i try to repair/update/uninstall module. Here is the log: === Log opened UTC 2017-10-31 22:34:21 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 6.1.7601; Win64; en-US) INFO : cmdline: "J:\Games\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\bin\DCS_updater.exe" STATUS: Initializing... INFO : basedir: J:\Games\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openalpha ERROR: Can't parse config: JSON error: parse error: premature EOF (right here) ------^ INFO : Config contents: --- BEGIN --- INFO : Config contents: --- END --- ERROR: JSON error: parse error: premature EOF (right here) ------^ === Log closed. If i launch through the dcs.exe on bin folder i can get in to the games main screen, but once i click on the logbook or on the modules or on any onther 'tab' i am getting a spinning wheel. Any help would be greatly appriciated, Chris
  2. Hi and thank you both for your replies.You are right, i dont know why, but it seems like my dcs missed an update.I had to force the update but it works now. Thanks again,Chris
  3. Hi , i just bought the Georgian War campaign but i can't install it. It appears in the module manager , but when i click install , i am getting an error. The error window states : Unknown module F15C-THE-GEORGIAN-WAR_campaign I tried repairing dcs and i also trashed my temp folder(on user/appdata) but its no joy. Here is my log: === Log opened UTC 2017-10-22 15:30:21 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 6.1.7601; Win64; en-US) INFO : cmdline: "J:\Games\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe" --apply install F15C-THE-GEORGIAN-WAR_campaign STATUS: Initializing... INFO : basedir: J:\Games\DCS World INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,RAZBAM_M-2000C,MIG-21BIS,FC3,A-10C,F-5E,P-51D,AJS37,KA-50,MIG-15BIS,F-86F,A10C-BFT_campaign,MI-8MTV2,LAIVYNAS_MI-8MTV2_OILFIELD_campaign,UH-1H,UH-1H_ARGO_campaign,UH-1H_video_EN) INFO : branch: STATUS: Connecting to update servers... INFO : Got reply from http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com INFO : Got reply from srv8update.digitalcombatsimulator.com STATUS: Verifying cached version info... STATUS: Preparing to install F15C-THE-GEORGIAN-WAR_campaign ... ERROR: Unknown module F15C-THE-GEORGIAN-WAR_campaign === Log closed. Thanks in advance, Chris
  4. Hello there, i am looking for a way to export mission briefings as pdf files. Searching the web i found this http://www.miz2pdf.fr/index.php Havent tested it yet but it looks outdated.Plus having to upload/download files make it a bit inefficient for me. Any info would be greatly appriciated. Chris Ps i am quite not sure if this is the appropriate subforum to ask this question.Pls move it if so.
  5. Thanks for clearing this up.I ve been pulling my hair trying to find out what i was doing wrong. I 've gone through many rb75 videos on youtube trying to find out if anyone uses these different modes but it seems like everyone is using the default one. So not being implemented makes sense.
  6. Hello and thank you for answering. I understand it controls the sight.i might misguided you by writing scope. Anyway, the thing is that the sight doesn't change at all when i switch modes.I am not sure about what to expect, but i believe that a noticeable change in the contrast of the sight is what that function does. It might be a bug tho. I ll post some screenshots when i get home. Thanks again, Chris
  7. Hello, can anyone explain to me what these modes do(A0,A1,A2) while employing the rb 75? The manual states: However i dont see any difference in the contrast of the sight in any of these 3 modes.I can see the radar switch moving so its not a mapping issue. I tried on 1,5 and 2.
  8. Yeap that was it, the axis were not wiped in the sim page, silly me :P Btw , if i select sim mode in the gameplay tab, does that mean that simulation controls aplly on instant missions and campaign?I thought that ''sim'' controls are for training, and ''game'' for campaign and missions. Thanks for your help :))
  9. Hello guys, I have a Mad cats fly 5 (meh) .I went out and bought a cheap gamepad with 2 analog sticks so that i can map em as hats. The problem is that in dcs the analog sticks only appear as axes so i cant map em directly from the game.I am using JoytoKey so that i convert the sticks movement to button presses.I was able to map the Num keys on the Analog1 and Zoom in out Analog2. But it seems like the Analog sticks are somehow hard mapped to the axis . So when i press Analog1 Left for example two things happen : My camera will move to the left but at the same time the plane will also roll to the left.When i pressing Analog 2 Up The camera will zoom in and at the same time the plane will yaw left. Obviously i went to controls in dcs and wiped axis and key mappings for the gamepad, but the problem is still there. I am quite sure that the problem is not dcs related, most likely driver conflict or something i am doing wrong I've spend a few hours messing with settings , installing/uninstalling drivers and looking for solutions on various forums but no luck Any help/idea would be greatly appricieated Many thanks, Chris PS. The gamepad is a http://esperanza.pl/esperanza-vibration-gamepad-usb-warrior,230,449.html looks like a crappy china clone renamed, but tbh it doesnt feel that bad for 6 euros.
  10. I just resolved this.As i suspected it had to do with mapping controls using my dcs template. I went in to the installation folder, and deleted the .lua files for keyboard mappings and remapped manually. Now it works as expected Time to fly, oh and btw i just checked your F-15c guide, amazing stuff for newbs like myself :)) Chris
  11. Hi Sryan, My joystick Button 1 (which is the trigger) is mapped to Gun Trigger under the Hotas tab. The button works when i am flying russian planes( i can shoot the gun with Joystick Button 1 on su 27 for example). The ''weapon fire'' control under the weapons category is mapped to space bar on the keyboard but its unavailable in the joystick tab(the square is empty and i can't select it). Somehow i suspect that this is due using my dcs .lua to map the keys because when i unplug the joystick i am only seeing a few tabs in control category. I am bit new to all this so please bear with me :))) Meny thanks, Chris
  12. Hello guys , I can't get the gun trigger on my joystick to work with the a10 and f15 planes. I am able to shoot the gun using the space bar and the master arms switch is up.I am able to drop bombs and fire missiles with the Release button on my stick. While flying Russian planes the trigger button works so i suppose its not a hardware problem. I read in another post about a safety switch that exists in usa planes and prevents you to press the trigger , but i can't find it in the controls menu(not sure if it even exists). Another thing is that i used my dcs .lua to map the keys.I think everything works as supposed except the gun trigger in american jets so i am not sure if its relevant.I am not sure how to reverse that mapping so if anyone knows please let me know. Finally i tried resetting the keybind and then remapping without any luck. I am using a mad cats fly 5 (meh). Thanks in Advance. Chris :joystick:
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