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  1. New version available: https://akaagar.itch.io/briefing-room-for-dcs
  2. Thanks man, that red H is screaming for a JDAM :))
  3. It don't seems possible without using a dedicated LUA library. One solution will be to include the time duration in file name, read it with LUA (and take duration from it), play the sound then execute a delayed function with a scheduler (using duration extracted from filename to schedule the next sound) Oh, and I think you should move this topic to main Mission Editor category, cause it doesn't sound like a bug.. Hope it helps
  4. First init the repeated flag: MISSION START > no condition > FLAG 52 is TRUE then, repeat the check every 30 seconds: SWITCHED CONDITION > Time since flag 52: 30 seconds/pilot is over 500' AGL/ FLAG 51 is False / Pilot is within a trigger zone > SHOW MESSAGE: 'SOME MESSAGE" for 10 seconds/FLAG 52 is FALSE/FLAG 52 is TRUE So, let me explain: - when you start the mission, you initialize Flag 52, so the switched condition will know when 30 seconds have passed - then, if all your conditions are true and time since Flag 52 is 30 seconds, a message will be displayed, then, this is the tricky part, we gonna reset the Flag 52 (set it false) and reinitialize it (Flag 52 is true). After 30 seconds, time since flag 52 condition will be true again - the loop will stop if one of your conditions is false Hope it helps
  5. It will be no extension on Caucasus map, for two reasons: technically, it will be too much/large to render - too big to be correct optimized politics, Crimea is part of Ukrainian conflict and some ED is located in Russia - too sensitive In the past versions of DCS (Lock-on), Crimea was populated with airfields and roads, buildings etc. For the reasons listed above, they emptied the Crimea part and added more on the East (Georgia).
  6. Happened to me too, very hard to lock with TMS up, worked sometime with TMS right.
  7. Check mission settings (up menu), maybe you have something overwritten there
  8. Check this video made by Matt: https://youtu.be/BM3PBAW-Cak?t=165 around 2:44
  9. Hi, see attached example. I have used "Triggered Actions" (next tab to Payload) instead of "Waypoint actions". When heli is out of trigger zone it wil initialize the orbit task. Hit comm menu and choose 'Resume' then 'Orbit' and so on - the secret here is to reset the flags and radio items. The only issue is that when is resuming, it will go straight to landing point instead of following designated waypoints. Anyway, i think is a good example to start, just adapt it to your needs. Hope it helps heli-orbit-test.miz
  10. Choose the asset pack from right column
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