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  1. I would still be fine if the early release of the Strike Eagle has the basic a2a and iron bombs, cluster bombs. Flying the Strike Eagle like it is 1989 is not half bad, until LGBs come along and then we all just forget the iron bombs.
  2. The Forrestal Class that Heatblur is also working on has Bridle Catchers for launching older aircraft from Corsairs to Phantom IIs. I doubt Magnitude and Heatblur will collab to give that function to the Corsair, but we can hope they do.
  3. Will the F4U come with a catapult launch bar? I can only imagine the difficulty of launching a full a2g loadout just by rolling off the deck. Also I am sure some people may try to launch a Corsair off a Nimitz just for the fun of it or to simulate a skyraider.
  4. As the others say, just turn on the O2(make sure that it is blinking to show oxygen flow), and plug in your oxygen and G-suit. Good job for Deka for this level of detail.
  5. It finally works. I only copied my keybinds and reapply the graphic settings, and the cross hairs returned. But at least I got it right that the issue must be in the config folder. It is likely my graphic settings which caused the crosshair to disappear, or some other file.
  6. Crosshair finally working as suggested. Looks like the problem Does have something to do with the files in the old folder. Now I just have to transfer the entire config folder from the old file to the new. edit: when I transfer the entire config files, the crosshair disappear. It looks like the source is from the config folder.
  7. I did that before, but it did not work. Should I try to uninstall the module first, delete the 2 folders as suggested, and then reinstall the module?
  8. I did that, but I still cannot get the cross. Even when I rebooted the game.
  9. I am currently having that similar problem too, but even when I reload DCS, the problem still persist. I could use some help to fix this problem too.
  10. I tried restarting the game, but the problem still persist. I will try to reply on his forum and see if I can get more help with that.
  11. I will try to reinstall the module and see if the problem persist. But I would like it, if someone can help me with fixing this issue.
  12. I was actually referring to the long horizontal and vertical line that meets in the middle of the display in wpn mode. As an example from Grim Reapers' tutorial on the Maverick, once his maverick is powered up, his display is normal with the 3 small horizontal bars, and the large central. As shown in my screenshot, my display only shows 2 small horizontal bars and there are no long vertical and horizontal line to tell me where the center is at.
  13. When I select the maverick and access the wpn screen, my display does not show the main crosshair. And yes, I am using the missile's seeker head for this example. Is this some sort of bug that I can fix by uninstalling/reinstalling the module?
  14. We could use more early Cold War fighter aircraft in DCS, especially one that is obscure like the F4D Skyray. For being the last aircraft made by Douglas Aircraft before becoming McDonnell Douglas, as well as the first Navy/Marine aircraft that can go Mach 1 in level flight, this aircraft deserves a place in the DCS community considering how obscure its overall service history is. Probably did not help that it served in the peaceful period of 1956 - 1964 where it cannot prove itself in combat. And also it would go nicely with the A-4 Skyhawk mod, which prior to changing it's designation, the Skyhawk was called the A4D.
  15. Also if I recall, the only variants of F-16 that fly with CFT are the Block 50/52 Plus, the F-16E Block 60/62, and the upcoming F-16V Block 70/72. The US received their last F-16C Block 50/52 variants back in the late 90s. So unless the US orders new F-16 variants of if ED eventually plans on adding the Block 50 Plus, we will be stuck with the standard slick F-16. Aside from newer avionics and the APG-68V9 Radar, it should not be too hard to create a new Block 50 Plus viper. Though that would make the Block 50 Viper redundant since its got a superior radar and CFT add-on for more range. And yes I have read the article on why the USAF do not use CFT on their F-16, and it drips with arrogance to believe that they can make do with just their massive fleet of unarmed tankers.
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