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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the two pieces of angled glass reduces glare. You can really see the difference between the F18 and the F14. The Tomcat always has a layer of green glare on the HUD due to the single piece of glass the symbols are being projected on to.
  2. It's not modeled yet. But it's on Heatblur's to do list.
  3. Thanks Redkite! This really great and easy to understand. Much appreciated!
  4. Curious if anyone can point out where the "Pilots Rank / Name / Call sign is located on the skin. I searched this thread but couldn't find it. Thanks!
  5. This really is awesome. Thanks ED! Great work. :thumbup:
  6. atcdrew

    April Fools!

    Remind me to never go to any party's or get together's with this community, god you people are thick. RELAX, they gave you the fix. :shocking:
  7. Downloading for me....563.2 MB
  8. Whoever makes these videos deserves a serious raise. Really good. Congratulations Heatblur.
  9. Agreed! This thing is going to release and it’s going to be so cringy for these guys to go re-read what they are posting. Acting like a bunch of 5 year olds that didn’t get their ice cream in time.
  10. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks!
  11. You guys are seriously embarrassing yourselves. Stop it and be patient. It’s not even close to March 21, don’t act like it is.
  12. As toxic as some of these threads/comments have been the last few weeks, I thought it time for a thread with a different tone. I’ve tried my best to stay away from the forums and only recently made my Tomcat preorder (Keeps me unemotionally invested if I haven’t spent any money on a product). However it looks like the realease is imminent so I pulled the trigger. Now to the point of this post. I was hoping we could all just show a little appreciation to all the developers that have spent so much time making these modules so great. The Tomcat literally shaped my career path. I grew up watching TopGun. I regrettably never joined the military so I never got my chance to fly anything like the Tomcat. However I never got rid of the aviation bug. I’ve now been a private pilot for 19 years and an Air Traffic Controller for the past 11 years. This airplane literally shaped my future. So here it is, thank you Heatblur and any and all developers that worked on, tested, or approved of this module. The fact that I get a chance to (simulate) the airplane that changed my life, is just so amazing. Let’s keep this one POSITIVE. Share a story or two of what this release means to you and send a thank you to the team. I think they more than deserve it. Keep the negative stuff in page 198 of the release discussion thread please. :) Thanks everyone! ATCDREW
  13. Very cool! They look great! Thanks for sharing.
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