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  1. Still not working for me ? It's annoying for the immersion on Syria map.
  2. We have more than five people having this problem currently in our team. Do you need more log/track files or did you found the source of the problem ?
  3. Hi ! Nice job on the new kneedboard. It does look good. I have two question about it : - How do we unpin a page ? - Is there a way to pre-pin pages when adding image files to a mission ? Thanks ! RollupTito
  4. It seems way better with today's update. Good job !
  5. @Honez : Oh yeah, I know it is early. But the earlier we report that kind of stuff the better. ;)
  6. Hello ! I really like the map and its potential, but the only thing that I find that could be better is the texture of the tree-illusion drawn on it for high altitude. Altitude where the 3D trees are not visible. If you see the Caucasus map from high altitude, there's textures for the trees on the ground, that make the illusion of actual trees. On the Syria Map I have the impression that it is desert, and when I lose altitude I see trees grow-up. I attach a screenshot of what I mean. I feel like the far distance "trees illusion" on ground texture is working well and could be awesome for the Syria map. I attach two screenshots from the same area of Syria too, one is zoomed in, the other is a zoomed out. How the trees illusion is managed on Caucasus map : Syria zoomed in. Syria zoomed out a little bit. It seems like it could be darker, or have a texture design like the Caucasusmap, in parts of the map that are full of trees. Thanks for the map. RollupTito
  7. Same here. I go from 60 to 15 fps when I turn on the radar not far from the ground.
  8. Tried that, perfect, that's exactly what I was searching for. I got confused because it was still sweeping on the DDD in Standby mode, but it does not emmit anymore. Thank you Golo & Psybain !
  9. I mean like what you can do in every other fighter, set your Radar to silent or standby, so you appear on other airplanes' (especially ennemies) RWR. The "no radar emission" mode. :)
  10. Hello RIOs ! I'm in the back seat these days, and I don't find any button to set the radar in "silent". I've searched in the manual and online but don't find the information (maybe I don't search with the good words ?) It's a thing we can ask in the pilot seat, and I ear the rio flick a button, but I can't find it. :noexpression: Can you help me on this ? many thanks. RollupTito
  11. Hello! Same problem for half a dozen members of my squadron. Unplayable : half performance loss since the patch. If we can gather and give you any useful infos regarding hardware or configuration to solve this, let us know which. Good luck resolving this! Rolluptito
  12. Every time I fly the C101 I feel like it's better a bit better than the month before. There's a really good progression. Keep up the good work ! :-)
  13. No worries f4lo. Take your time and enjoy your holidays. ;)
  14. Same here, can't wait for the JF-17 support. :D
  15. You can do it easily yourself by going to the controls, by selecting the "Trust" and clicking axis tune, and enabling "Slider" and "User curve" options. You'll be able to tweak the course exactly as you want for the A/B to match you Warthog throttle. :thumbup:
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