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  1. I've been building my own PC's for about 5 years now, and am going to spend about $800 on a new mb, 1tb ssd and 3700x. Should I just wait for ryzen 4000? What would you recommend that won't be too expensive for VR? Right now I have a Vega 64 which is super capable at running this game at 4k with good settings and 50-60fps so I don't think I'd have to upgrade it but i dont know what cpu would be best for VR...
  2. My F16 doesn't have any liveries. It only has the default, one livery. Is there something wrong with it or do I have to go out of my way and download them separately?
  3. My issue is that it never used to do that and that there is literally no reason for it to. I'm not talking about the frame rate being in the 30s hovering around I'm talking about it actually locking at 30. There is no 30-40-40-50-55-60 it just plummets to 30 and stays there at exactly 30.
  4. I play all of my games at 4k 60. Only in this sim if the game starts drawing buildings or trees it plummets and locks to 30 then I look at the sky and it shoots back to 60 and it will randomly drop back to 30 for me to have to reset it by looking at the sky.
  5. Hey guys, just wondering about people's thoughts on VR in this sim. I just recently jumped back into it after not playing for over a year. I have a 4k qled Monitor and track ir and it's really enjoyable but I've never used VR and sometimes wonder how it is in this game in particular. What specs of a PC would you need? Which headset do you recommend? What is the detail like? Would I still be able to see aircraft and read well enough to justify it?
  6. I have a problem only in this game to where my fps will plummet to 30 and stay there until I oddly look up at the sky to refresh it back to 60. Seems as if the fps dips below 55 it just plummets to 30 and sticks there for some reason. It's super annoying especially in a dogfight. It did not used to do this and I'm not sure what's going on now. I have an AMD Vega 64 32gb 3600mhz ram an i56600k 4.5ghz, use track it and play at 4k and I also play with vsync on
  7. When I have a missile locked on and fired at me the plane starts screaming at me to the point I throw my hands off the controls and mute the PC. Is there a way to lower the volume in the aircraft? One other issue, only a visual one, is that the stick barely moves inside the plane, is this normal?
  8. Why are game devs not improving their games for multi GPU and multi core CPUs? To get the same power out of 2 cheaper GPUs id have to wait about 5 years or more, it doesn't make sense. I am going to have to upgrade regardless because I use my PC for work, school and gaming but was not sure if DCS would run any better. Thanks
  9. I have some questions regarding hardware. Does DCS support AMD crossfire or will it ever? GPUs are ridiculously expensive and mine is 3 years old and still nearly as powerful as a Nvidia 1070 a used AMD Fury is like 250 USD, rather than buying a $800 GPU and only getting 25% performance (that is probably really optimistic) I could just buy another one of mine and double the power, why is DCS not optimized for dual GPUs yet? Or is it? When I upgrade to a Ryzen 2700x will I see any performance increase from my 4.5ghz i5 6600k?
  10. I ran the updater again and this time it worked. After downloading 1gb of stuff it then ran DCS and all of my addons are now there! It's nice to have an extra map and now I can fly my Spitfire and use the ww2 assets, only thing is that I have not flown in such a long time I couldn't even remember how to fly my F5...Also I have to setup controls again which will probably take a couple hours thanks all for the help
  11. I'm not quite sure if I'm being understood correctly. It said it was downloading an update, not installing it, it never finished downloading it and therefore never started installing it. From what I remember it download, then intstalls, it's a separate process. When I finished the DCS download it installed everything, then I downloaded the modules and it installed everything, then right after that it said it needed an update, I couldn't do anything so I let it download the update. It said it needed 4000mb to download, it went over 5000mb downloading the update, it said specifically "download" and not "installing" Otherwise I wouldn't have ended it, but now it looks like I have to start all over (I guess) but obviously if I did that twice then it's just going to happen a third time.
  12. I closed the updater, and now all of the modules are apparently locked away and I can not use them. But they are on the SSD, it did not just delete them... The reason I'm so furious right now is because I am still at my college at nearly 7pm and I'm pulling the plug now, if I do that and have to reinstall, after going through this I'm not touching DCS maybe forever. Buzzles , unless I missed it I had the beta installed and not the 2.5 version and the settings that were suggested to change were not there, so I deleted everything and reinstalled the 2.5 version. The FPS problem is pretty much fixed now but this issue is totally ludicrous.
  13. I tried downloading it about a week ago on my 50gb sat internet and it ended up wasting 15gb out of the 4000mb that it said needed to be downloaded! I cant even describe how pissed I am that I wasted money, and now my time for this.
  14. I tried reinstalling DCS 2.5, after deleting everything. This is seriously pissing me off, I'm about done with this! I live in a rural area and I have zero access to enough internet to download the 100gb that I just downloaded so I went to my college an hour away with my desktop and downloaded all of the files, I sat up at the school for 8 hours just for this. then this stupid updater says that it is installing 4000mb, 15 minutes later it said it installed 4800mb out of 4000mb, THAT IS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE! then I closed out of the idiotic updater and now all of the add ons are not accessible and my disk space was being used up by fluff, so not only did I waste my time, 2 hours of driving, 8 hours of waiting on a download, but I have to delete everything and start over apparently. Obviously it is going to do the same exact thing. What is wrong with this? I really do not want to lug my big a$$ computer to my school again to have the same thing happen, how in the world is it saying DCS updater installing 10gb out of 4000mb! That literally is not possible.
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