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  1. Hard for me to imagine any real concern over the amount of "discount" on a $50 or $100 or whatever purchase in the context of the cost of the computer/hardware to fly these great DCS aircraft. Really? Deal breaker for some of you? Maybe just a need to be unpleasant?
  2. I'll be buying it. And happy to do it. Don't understand why the chronic complainers think this great simulation should be a freebie.
  3. Terrific, ED! Just terrific. Thanks for the great job you've done, and the early release.
  4. The quality and hard work you've put into this is very much appreciated, Chuck.
  5. Been waiting for it a long time. Pre-ordered days ago.
  6. I'll be pre-ordering the F-16 at the first opportunity on May 22nd, and will patiently await it's release when ED is ready to release it, and will be damn glad to have it, knowing it will be well done.
  7. Griz

    Wags Get Well

    Best wishes, Wags. We do appreciate you, and hope you're back in the saddle ASAP.
  8. Not sure about the per-aircraft options, etc. BoneDust indicated that it felt like the brakes were always partially on. My experience was the same. It felt like the brakes were on, and made it tough to turn a 180 and get lined up on the cat properly. Turns out, the brakes were on, and released only when I hit the toe brakes. After I inverted the brakes on my Crosswinds (via the MFG Crosswind calibration software) the F-14 can now taxi just fine, on the carrier and airbase.
  9. This may be off base, but I'll offer it up. I have the MFG Crosswind brakes/rudders. Works great for the Hornet. But, I also was having a heck of a time taxiing with the Tomcat, expecially on the carrier. It finally dawned on me that the brakes went off when I toe-braked. So, reversed braking on the Crosswinds and voila...taxi's fine. When I switch back to the Hornet, I have to reverse that process.
  10. Terrific. That gets the adrenaline flowing... Looking forward to flying this beast.
  11. Fantastic, IceFire. Very interesting indeed to learn about how the thing actually works. No wonder they cost so much.
  12. An absolute thing of beauty. ED did great. This is going to be tons of fun to learn for a long time to come.
  13. Got my MFG Crosswinds a couple months ago. They're terrific. Easy set-up. The accuracy is great on taxiways, runways, gun runs, etc. I love it when stuff works well. Well worth the money. --Griz
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