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  1. Check the manual or chuckies guides. Send the track file if u need help ;).
  2. 1) You can release CBUs in CCIP with Master Arm on only let me tell you another secret, you can't release any weapon unless master arm is on.
  3. "but for now the hornet gets the love because of the new map and the supercarrier module." it's also first in line, so considering these things it does seem to make some sense and seems fair also. It means waiting if u want to have the full viper now. I hope new EA releases will have a bit more features where it's less noticeable that stuff is missing. So instead of modeling mandatory maverick alignments and tweaking shutdown sounds for EA releases we get updates that matter a bit more. But i get why current choices are made. Viper is a lot of fun to fly as is, it can only get better. depending on who you ask an incomplete viper is still better then no viper. The f18 updates seem to go pretty fast, once they are done i think we will see more updates on the f16 that have a bit more impact.
  4. If you're ok with paying 80 bucks now and getting the full value a few years later you should buy it. If you want the full bang for your buck you have some time left. It also depends what you would like to fly, if you just love the f16 just get that. Honestly if you don't have the f18 or a10 and like to have lots of system implementations i would go for one of those. Jf17 is pretty nice too. But the f16 is very nice to fly, very fast and agile. Great bvr beast, but has a lot missing and the problem is that you notice it.
  5. Thank you for you answer, impressive that you know al this. it makes a bit more sense now. as for: DCS is a bit goofy with handoff right now because it's not doing it on TMS forward release events. It should be a great workload saver requiring only a TMS forward press and release per missile instead of slewing the missiles manually which is not so easily especially during some dynamic maneuvering. i am not having any problems with the autohandoff though, tms forward seems to work for me, if the autohandoff fails i can go tms aft from tgp and retry the handoff straight away. made a track file where i handoff too early, i go tms aft and can retry, it works pretty ok. but from all the 6 missiles fired i think only 4 hit (maybe i was outside of params, not sure), probably dropping 1 cbuu-97 would have been easier and more effective. autohandoff.trk
  6. When starting the DCS Viper cold there are two FLCS tests if you want a quiet clean cockpit. There is a BIT Test and another switch to test the FLCS found in the panel behind it Pitot heat is way in the back on the left side It's not exactly clear to me what i am supposed to learn the hard way if i don't do this. Because i pretty much don't do these things and i am not having any issues. -- basically, flip 3 switched in the f16 and you are good to go. I made a track of my f16 cabrio i use when the weather is nice. It's a chick magnet :P. 123-f16StartUp.trk
  7. Then the missing manual on the website wouldn't be much of an issue for you, 100% agree on that. Still fixing a link seems not too hard, it might help in makings some customers happy who have less optimized ways of doing things . Agreed?
  8. I often catch myself reading manuals in bed. Haha i know i said i read when bored and can't fly, but actually yeah catching myself reading in bed sometimes :P.
  9. each mav has his own seeker, but i dont remember if u can step per missile or per pylon. For alignment you only need to do it 1 per pylon, which pretty much makes not too much sense if u ask me. but i am no expert. But it suggests that only the pylon currently can be 'misaligned' whereas the maverick connected to the pylon is thus always perfectly aligned, but i am sure as hell not asking for an update :P/
  10. It's my current preference, but when they patch it it wont be anymore :P. Another preference is that i pick a cbu-97 over a mav almost anytime anyway. I am not a big fan of the obligatory alignment anyway, yeah its realistic i know. Doing all the test before startup properly in an f14 is realistic too, takes 20 minutes , if it's obligatory then nobody is gonna fly the f14 on multiplayer.
  11. u can also first designate a target for every maverick lets say 6. then fire them all rapidly.
  12. yeah autohandoff sounds really great but it's a bit overrated, it works fine ( with aligned mavs). You can see a lot better on the TGP, but the actual lock u won't be making sooner then just going manual on the mav seeker and lock yourself. I like the handoff anyway because it gets the mav seeker somewhat close, i can still go SOI on WPN and lock from there. Mavericks are somewhat hard on the f16 compared to most planes, it took me quite some practise but i think they pretty much work as intended and somewhere in your procedure you forgot something, most probably the aligning part if u didn't start in flight. If u still can't get it to work see if you can get it to work when starting in flight. If starting from in flight works for u then it's pretty much that u need to align the mavs and you should be good to go.
  13. I tend to go there if I am considering to buy a module, and read in the manual to get a feel what to expect (because u don't have the manual on disk at that time). Other then that, and the fact that dead links feel like a surprise that sucks, not a big issue. Actually when i bought the game, i usually do the in game training and watch some youtube videos. I read the manual sometimes if i am bored but can't fly:P.
  14. people can find it here [drive]:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Doc just checked too, its updated with updates 27th here too
  15. Have u checked if they update the installed manual when they release an update on a manual?
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