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  1. No after barely landing at Kutaisi I took off again and landed at the carrier. I was just so surprised to get a OK 3 wire in that weather. Thanks Pizmo
  2. Mission 6 Problem So I went and saved the day at waypoint one, barely landed at Kutaisi but then somehow got an OK 3 wire at Stennis? This must be a bug in that weather! I'm just kidding about the bug. Loved the mission. Great campaign so far! Thanks Pizmo
  3. Anyone else have your antivirus interrupt the install over HackTool.Win32.Inject.gen? Thanks Pizmo
  4. I just got my HP Reverb a few weeks ago and I'm not having much issues with a 1080ti. Matter of fact I'm having a blast. Only using it for DCS. The only issue that bothers me is the flickering while waiting for missions to load. I'm definitely not returning it. Thanks Pizmo
  5. I had to land to get F10 menu to come up when prompted. Also in mission 3 BTW This is a great campaign! Love the immersion. Mission 4 is next for me Thanks Pizmo
  6. I am thinking of going for the Reverb Pro. Anyone think I could get by for now with i7-6700 (not K), 32 GB DDR4 RAM, and ASUS 1080ti? Nothing over-clockable. Processor has Max Turbo Frequency 4.00 GHz for what that's worth. Thanks Pizmo
  7. I had this advisory come up on catapult takeoff with new full tanks
  8. Purchased! I just did mission 1 and I can tell already that this will be quite different from my first go round. :thumbup: I need to hurry up and remember the CDU and weapons systems. I was just getting the hang of it when the F-18C came out and distracted me. Anyway, happy to support all your efforts Thanks Pizmo
  9. Once I figured out to make micro-movements with the joystick, a tiny nudge in the direction I want and release, it started working for me. The throttle fell into place after that. Thanks Pizmo PS Didn't read the whole thread so sorry if if I'm repeating Edit: Thanks to all the YouTube teachers. I picked that tip up there somewhere.
  10. 6:30AM Pacific And I've been ready since Jane's F/A-18 (my old favorite) Let's do it! Pizmo
  11. Great campaign! However on Op Hammerfall 3 there was only one wingman yesterday despite a voiceover from 3 Also, oddly the one wingman I had didn't follow orders to engage air defenses and started straying North causing a radio warning. He never did rejoin and RTB'd. Normally he does as instructed. Still fun without him Thanks Pizmo
  12. That's a good suggestion. I'm sure I'll be using that method as well. Thanks Pizmo
  13. That was a great solution for VR bd It worked for me in Mission 3 Glad you brought it up oho Pizmo
  14. I completely agree the A-10C module must be aging well. I'm recently getting back into combat sims after a decade at least and new to DCS. I went straight for the F-15C (Jane's fan) and then the Huey, but the A-10C is very interesting and complex and ugly and I keep drawing to it. Including today. Thanks Pizmo
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