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  1. I did not even new that. thank you. This will help As for radars, well, god know what is going on here. tbh, as it is my main frame, I am slightly loosing interest to fly that much.
  2. Since I am newb in A-A fightI usualy stick with TWS and I noticed that my target (MIG-21) sometimes pops on radar then it is gone. That can happen several times on 50-40 nm. I also noticed that target like to "fadeout" from screen slowly and in all those times I am unable to put any kind of lock on target. I am aware that I am not best dogfigther in jeff, but this don't help, not to mention SD-10 horrible target tracking (looks like fairly recent behaviour) nowdays. (I can't recall almost any hit on target with SD-10 in BCR mode. Not sure is this due to radar, or missle prefiormance on game. In tacview, when missle was at target (missed) it was still well above mach 2,2 (forgot exact speed). All in all, I am not happy with radar now. Back when I got Jeff, even with my mediocre skills in BVR I was able to rack up decent nuber of hits when I tried A-A then. Few weeks back, nothing works as it was.
  3. Thank you. Also, I know it is not A-A related but it is Jeff related so I did not wanted to open up another thread. Do you know maybe is there any key to reset target market in targeting pod (WMD7) directly to font center, like and sort of reset?
  4. Casual Flyers are as name suggest casual squadron based in EU. Squadron was inactive for some time, but it is now in reviving process. Thou we are squadron and try to do regular missions together, we are fully aware that real life comes first, so we don't have any mandatory attandance in group training or missions. Nature of our group is casual so there are no any mil-sim related stuff here. What we expect from you is that you are willing to learn your airftame and perfect it. We plan to do group training, shorter missions and maybe in time larger campaigns. Minimum age to join is 18 year of age and mature behaviour. For details, please hop in at our discoord. Discord: https://discord.gg/sWnHcRy Timezone/Ops: 17:00 - 23:00 CEST (GMT +2) (EU) / OPS are not set, but done when we wish to do so. Requirements: HOTAS or joystick, will to learn your chosen airframe and to perfect it Realism: Casual plus bare minimum to make ops safe See you in game!
  5. i Just tried to engage MiG-21 in RWS mode, but my T5 press lock target just would not work. Isnt that correct button to lock target in radar?
  6. Thank you. Just one correction. in question 3) I meant to say SD-10 not LD-10, my bad. And it is also good to know I can do that in a pinch if plane is infront of me. As for question 2) Freezed radar? It was on and not silent, so i am noto sure.. Ill get back to chuck guide on radar to get better at it. Maybe I figure out where I made mistake.
  7. Hello all. As I am newbie into A-A combat in general, I wanted to ask few questions. 1) Is there Key I could map Fast and simple switch for Weapons when I am in dogfight like PL-5EII/SD-10/GUN? I would love to have that on fast dial. 2) In my test fight I spawned one Mig 21 with only guns (newbie lol) but I had big problems locking it with radar in TWS mode even when he was infront of me. 3) That was weird, but maybe not. As i started to get nervous, I fired one LD-10 while mig was NOT locked but I pointed my plane directly into him and missle emediately locked on and managed to shot it down. Kinda weird, but I presume it entered "mad dog" mode? 4) Do you use in jeff dogfight and BVR any other mode apart from TWS? From what i managed to find arround TWS is usualy main RDR of choice for most Jeff pilots. Thank you for help
  8. Here is quick report to give you some perspective. I tested this on similar mission to one I posted above on SA-2 site. I went and tried that "alternative" sead mission with GB6 SFW GPS guided cluster munitions. I climbed at 39000 ft which was well ceiling due to heavy weapons, shot both missles to two independet targets from 40 nm well out of SA-2 site range and wreacked havock on it. Nothing survived, 2 radars, 5 missle trucks and support veichles. And all that I watched from safe distance. I must also point that In classic LD-10 ( i did one more) and went to 20 nm and shot last LD-10 today in SP mode ( I got shot with several missles by that point) just to test will it hit target at all..and well it did not. So, it it is not only range issue, it is also targeting issue aswell. Anways, for now I got myself "new" sead munitions at least.
  9. True. I presumed that later. I guess when 5-6 jeffs went on mission they woud down defended ship.
  10. I managed to make fast mini mission to minimize file and I managed to ZIp it so log and trk fit on forum. So I posted. I don't belive anything was off, LD-10 was aligned as I started hot, still as precaution I updated DTC (failed on first try up in air). Anyway. All missles failed be in in PAS or SP mode once I got locked and fired. Last one I shos in PAS mode on locled radar just to see what will happen, but all failed miserably. ALt 30000 ft, distance of 1st missle 30 nm, then 25 nm and last one I can't honestly remeber as I got shot on xd. I hope that someone can figure out what is happenning as apart that missle got short range now, they also did not hit anything. And lets be honest, if I need to get any closer to SAM site to get it shot down, I'd rather play something else. Yea, my first supicions happened on servers, but I did several in solo. I need not to say that couple of months ago all worled flawlessly anwhere I'd go with LD-10, solo, server or whatever.
  11. Ok, so that you don't say that I did not help. Here is situation. I amanged barely to squeze trk file in a zip so it can be uploaded along with log. I started hot from runday to speed things up (tried from air but it looks like game did nup updated DTC). I climbed to 30000 ft. and fired first missle from 30 nm away in PAS mode, failed miserably way before site. 2nd missle at 25 nm if I remeber well, got closet but still failed and then I did last two one in SP mode and one in PAs again, none nit and all failed short as always last one I fired fell like just infront of missle site. SOmething is waay of. This is not normal. dcs.log tempMission.miz.trk.zip
  12. Why? trk file is 45 mb long. If I new how to make it smaller I would do it.
  13. Intereting to see this many happy JF-17 pilots. I loved this plane untill recently when I realised that now LD-10's are missing targets in like 90% of times, 802AK missing also mostly, depends on the mood of game. At least laser guided rockets now work and bombs..Yeee. This will keep me occupided...for and hour and then what. I bought this plane at had very nice selection of A/G munitions along with capable sead and now well it is expensive data block on my SSD. As much as I wanna curse like mad man I just got dissapointed. I guess nowdays JF-17 cannot have better weapons from thei NATO counterparts. I do hope that politics did not get involed into game. maybe it is time for me that I look up some other game. I am getting too old for this cr.p Or maybe ED is trying to make me buy F-18? Well that aint gonna happend any time soon as they will mess up that too, usualy after I buy module. Rant off. See you all.
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