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  1. Your question is definitely an interesting one. On one hand, you have a modernised digitally focused jet, on the other, you have an older analog type aircraft. I get what you mean by "it feels like Mother Russia is in the very bones of the plane!". Older birds are an absolute blast to fly especially ones like the P-51 and F-86. However, if you're asking about versatility, in my opinion the Su-25T would be the better choice of the two. It's TV guided munitions and capability to perform in low light conditions with the aid of the Mercury LLTV pod are it's strengths. Not to mention it's SEAD capability, although it is limited.
  2. Basically, yes, adding more variables in the game would result in a significantly higher complexity of the detailing and development of all aircraft systems. I do believe that ED will add further improvements to DCS in the coming years, just not anytime soon. People sometimes forget that this is a massive spectrum to cover, and the fact that some people treat DCS as "just another game". ED always needs to implement some kind of balancing in the sim, otherwise it's just not going to be fun.
  3. Such as the EF-111A or the E/A-18. Which we don't have in DCS.
  4. For those interested, there is a user post on this website stating various parameters of the designs regarding the AN/ALQ-131 and 184. I am not sure if the information he stated is credible but he certainly seems to have a better idea than us. http://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12353
  5. Thank you all for the help. I've managed to lock a heli in my free time and destroy it. An unrelated question here, one that might seem very weird. The A-10 obviously carries ECM pods, being the AN/ALQ-131 and AN/ALQ-184. Would it be beneficial to carry both pods on the two outermost pylons or does DCS only model the basic functionality of ECM?
  6. Yes the manuals are slightly flawed, but I use all the number keys in aircraft that I fly so there's no need to memorise different keys for different aricraft. And yes, as Iron-handed mentioned, the Sidewinders are working as intended. Same way they work in the F-15 too although the Eagle can "radar slave" the Sidewinder so it has a larger detection radius.
  7. Well since I'm bored I've decided to start a discussion regarding ECM pods and their implementation in DCS. Obviously ECM units and their capabilities are highly confidential in real life. As in a you don't ask, we don't talk basis. However, I do believe that ECM protection is quite underrated compared to real life. And a question here: Would carrying two ECM pods of different types be beneficial in an aircraft such as the A-10? For example an AN/ALQ-131 on the left outermost pylon and an AN/ALQ-184 on the right outermost pylon.
  8. How fast would you define "fast"? I recall the Su-17 traveling at around 240km/h as it was at a very nose high angle.
  9. Thanks for the responses. So far I've tested all the Mac's (except the training versions) to lock onto a Su-17. The Mavericks were unable to lock it even when it was in afterburner. I'm assuming that you two are indeed referring to the 65D model.
  10. Hello all. Forgive me for this incredibly noob question (coming from a noob). Is the A-10A capable of utilising the AGM-65 Mavericks as an air to air weapon or is it only possible on the A-10C as it has a data link? Thanks in advance.
  11. Affirm on that. I have to set my display saturation to maximum just to get a colour difference between the clouds and the HUD. This is why I posted this issue in the PC Hardware and Software thread as I believe it may have something to do with my monitor.
  12. Any help would be appreciated. Whenever I fly in DCS it always feels like the clouds are way too "bright". As in, I can't see the information on my HUD when flying through a cloud or flying at high altitude. If I switch the HUD colour to bright yellow and it does makethe display readable but it still can't be read when facing a cloud.
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