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  1. It's not default but I just uploaded a pack of f-5 skins https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3324771/
  2. Is it possible to create a script to completely refuel a client aircraft in the air without using normal air to air refuelling capabilities? I.e. setting full fuel for an f-5 once it is near a tanker? Would be useful for mission designing
  3. It’s a shame, with the SA map Chilean f-5 with refuelling capabilities would be a blast. their standard configuration is 1xptb275 and you can barely reach Ushuaia with that. missions and eventually campaigns would be so much more flexible and realistic.
  4. The right gear door texture It's mirrored from the left one rather than being taken from the proper file.
  5. Hi guys, how do you paint the right main gear door? It appears to be the left one mirrored. What if I need to have them in different colors?
  6. In mission 2 (exposure 1), when selecting performance profile as first activity in the F10 menu the mission closes instead of loading the new part of the mission.
  7. I'm actually unable to join in on them without ab, my speed in military is 10 kts slower then them, and they are constantly using AB...
  8. Mission 12 is quite hard (but incredibly fun), and Blade isn't helping at all! I had to try a few times, and I noticed that Blade instructions are reversed: if you instruct him to focus on the escort he attacks the strikers and vice versa. So I told him to rngage the strikers, and we killed one 29 each, after that he killed a M2000, and shot two amraams at me! I know he was probably shooting at someone else and locked me, but come on, out of 4 missiles he shot 3 tracked friendlies. Also shouldn't friendly AI be a little more useful? Out of 11 Red planes downed 5 were mine... counting 1 29 and 1 14, M2000 are so slow to engage and again, blade is useless... By the way, just out of curiosity, since I got a score of 80 (1 hit on rainforest and both Mirages downed) what are the conditions to get 100? one of those or both?
  9. The problem isn't BFM, problem is that in a furball as soon as I align to take a shot a random enemy from who knows where snipes me at impossible distances and angles. I am now always defending and settle for the occasional snap shot and this seems to work.
  10. Thanks, hopefully ED's fix will arrive soon indeed. I'll either skip the mission for now or play one of your other campaigns!
  11. Me again... I'm having serious trouble with mission 9: Flak is just too damn accurate, I know it's ED's problem, but it's almost unplayable for me, isn't there some workaround? 1st: the briefing suggests you to fly low on the ingress, so I get there at 100ft top literally wave top level, but the second they see me they start shooting immediately, so I don't see the point in that. 2nd: When I command the other flight to attack primary the circle over an airfield nearby and rejoin, without releasing the ordinance. 3rd: Attacking the target it's impossible, i tried 5 times so far and every time flak kills me, I watched a few ww2 videos I found here on how to avoid flak, but that thing is too damn accurate and fast, just out of curiosity, at what difficulty is it set? I could prbably solve the problem not attacking the target, and eventually that's probably what I'll do, but it's quite a shame to leave such a cool mission. Don't get me wrong, I love the campaign still, but sometimes I get stuck for this kind of problems
  12. Isn't the enemy's performance a bit unrealistic? They always send me on fire at their first burst, taking aim in nanoseconds, often not even coming from the rear but with high angles shots. For me it takes away a lot of the immersion as I find myself having to stop the game during the dogfight to check If I'm gonna get blown in an instant. IRL I imagine first burst high angle kills were extremely rare, also, if the leader is focusing on one bandit the wingman should cover him (wich doesn't work in DCS as far as I've tested). How do you guys put up with it?
  13. I tried, and yes, I was messing up jdam release not hitting all the targets. Thanks a lot for the feedback and sorry for taking your time.
  14. I tried mission 10 several times and no matter what I score 70%, but I don't understand why... I am doing exactly what the mission asks and I got no corrections from cajun or anyone. My only doubt is AAR but I cannot perform it since when I'm asked Flip automatically answers we're ok and to switch to marshal
  15. I'm quite confsed with mission 3. I had some issues with the first one too but after reading your noew docs it was ok. I take off, and I don't exactly know what I'm supposed to do: if I turn left 280 as per flight plan the mission bugges and tells me to rtb because enemies are retreating. In the doc it says to rejoin with the su-24 but I don't know how I am supposed to find it.
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