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    DCS is my first one. I was already reading anything I could find on the Vietnam air war when I was 13 and Top Gun came out and have been in love with fighters since. Played Air Superiority hex game at that time too. Experienced the power of CAS while in Iraq in a scout squadron.

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  1. I had Nevada, PG and Caucasus all uninstalled and removed via DCS module manager. Restarted, refreshed and still the terrains remained on my disk in full. I have to delete them manually and then that causes issues when I want to reinstall them later. Can this ongoing issue be resolved please?
  2. I've long made missions, but I'm just now getting into MIST, I was wondering if there is a one stop shop location for a bunch of ready to go MIST files (beyond what's in the download, as in user made lua's) I can download at once?
  3. I reorderd my folders to match what you two have and now I have all my custom liveries available! Thanks you both! This was one of those problems that I kept ignoring because I had other pressing issues haha, but now it's solved. Hope this helps others who have the same issue.
  4. Thanks for the explanation, makes me feel less like I'm taking crazy pills lol. So I was letting the mission play through to watch the rest of it and lo and behold the E2-D eventually landed, but it was a good while after the last launch. However there were two Tomcats that were supposed to have launched but were stuck in parking hot, so maybe the issue is aircraft being on a cat or perhaps the fuel state can force a landing, because I started it with 10% fuel and this was at least 10-15 minutes later. One other thing I need to check is the approach speed I set was way too high, when I looked at its landing speed afterwards it landed at 98kn. Will keep trying, but now that I know this is a known issue I won't be so frustrated with it. Cheers.
  5. This is a problem I gave up on awhile ago, but I'd really like to figure it out. I have aircraft launching on cats 1 and 2, nothing launching from 3 or 4 and I have an E2-D Hawkeye approaching from 5nm out at 600ft and 270kn. I have Wpt1 bring it to within 2nm and then Wpt2 is a landing command. I've even reduced its fuel to 10% and it simply turns away when it gets to Wpt1. I have a sequential launch going on involving 2 Hornets, 2 Intruders and 2 Tomcats. The Tomcats are to use cats 3 and 4 only after the E2-D lands, but they are in parking until that happens, all the others use cats 1-2 sequentially. I had this same issue last year in a different but similar set up. Any ideas?
  6. I've been having issues with infantry in general executing basic movement even, not sure if it is related, but likely. Will follow this to see a solution is found.
  7. What is the definite and correct location for aircraft liveries? Also for ship mods, helicopters and ground vehicles etc? There is a livery folder inside of each aircraft mod file, example: Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Mods/tech/VSN_A6A/Liveries Other mods have Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Bazar/Liveries/mod name Other mods Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Liveries/mod name It is quite confusing. I have many liveries that work and some that don't, I can't tell which one is the correct way.
  8. So it was the fact that I at some point put them in a folder called aircraft, but I never knew what that watch/clock button did despite using ME for a long time, thank you both.
  9. The A6A is not showing in my aircraft dropdown, but nothing has changed in my mods folder since I last used it. It is still in Mods/tech/aircraft. The E2D mod right next to it is working. Any trouble shooting ideas? Edit: Wrong thread, but if you have an answer still appreciated
  10. I really appreciate the help though I think you might have misread, I don't have a Steam version, but looks like it's easier to manage there than in DCS! I had to move a ton of other files to another drive to make room for all of my owned terrains, because that's the only way I could get them to reappear in the DCS module manager, was to run DCS Repair and let it install everything, so I could then remove the ones I wanted. I wish they would fix this. Thanks again for the responses
  11. Update after further testing: The ship named 'USS New Jersey" (no late or Korea in the name) will turn the main guns and fire at targets and there is sound when they fire. All other ships, whether Korea or Late versions, will only fire the smaller guns and there is no sound. It's not an issue because at least one modern ship works as intended. Surely it's a simple fix?
  12. Thanks, but I apologize, I didn't mention that that was my original problem, it was only showing the terrain currently installed. I'm up and running now, but the only way I got there was to move 100+GB of my other files to a remote drive and let the DCS Repair reinstall all the terrains I own. This seems like a bug because when searching for a solution I saw other posts of the same issue. Thanks for the response though
  13. How can one choose a single terrain to download? I tried selecting just PG but it still tried to install all my terrains. Several of the ones I own (and have used just recently before deleting) are not shown in the game's module manager and DCS Repair also tries to download all my owned terrains. I only have space for 2 and I want to select those two. How to do this?
  14. So for anyone reading this: the DCS Repair tries to install all my owned terrains and therefor I cannot install any of them because I currently have space for 2 at a time. There really needs to be a way to manage this better @Eagle Dynamics Owned terrains should never disappear from the in game module manager and should always be able to be added or removed there.
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