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  1. Seems like this might be a general problem with how steering cues are set up with the Harrier currently. The auto bomb steering line is acting like this as well and is very counter intuitive.
  2. That image comparison/diagram is spot on. Thanks shagrat.
  3. I guess fuzing was implement for mavs a little while ago, but now it's needed to launch them just with this new open beta patch.
  4. Keen

    Open Beta Dec 5

    Mavs need to have fuse set to launch now. This was added in this recent patch, but was not communicated.
  5. @FoxDetla - I initially had the same problem until I realized they added fuzing for the mavs. I don't think this was announced and had to piece it together.
  6. Keen

    Open Beta Dec 5

    Can anyone confirm the CCRP bug is fixed for the Harrier?
  7. Keen

    Open Beta Dec 5

    Just checking if there were any bug fixes pushed to open beta today. I don't see anything from Razbam on the patch notes.
  8. This is happening on a few modules.
  9. I think this is an issue in general. FPS drops a lot for me and I'm not even using a rift.
  10. This is where I'm confused. CA has never been at $39.99 so how is it returning to its original price? I would really reconsider charging this much for CA until it's in a better state. This is only going to turn off new customers and make old ones feel bad for buying a seemingly abandoned product. I understand there have been rumors of 2.5 being better for CA, but there hasn't been any news on it, only talk of increased wwii asset pack, which is only for a small subset of CA folks. All I've been asking is for some clarity on why price is going up if functionality isn't changing for the foreseeable future.
  11. So combined arms is considered feature complete now?
  12. When was it ever 39.99? There's no indication on the website that 19.99 is a discounted price. In fact it's been on sale and discounted on that amount before.
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