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  1. Well you have two other options as well: 1) You tell your ISP that torrents aren't all bad, it's a technology not anything illegal. 2) You could just download it normally. Before the torrents start click cancel, this switches to HTTP mode.
  2. There isn't one sonic boom. You would technically hear it everywhere along the journey. I suspect they probably had the hammer down pretty early on which means they wouldn't have been supersonic all that long.
  3. I just came on here to say the same thing. I played last weekend and, apart from the odd stutter, it was really smooth. Updated, playing the same training mission (my own basic creation to learn the f-86) and it's getting a lot of stutter. Feels very different. I5 2500k @ 4.5GHz Playing off an SSD 16GB RAM 980Ti @ 1920*1080
  4. It worked fine for me. Install BS2 upgrade as a stand alone product. I can't remember how I did this, it may have required BS1 and then the upgrade I can't remember. But when it's on and working (with the key installed and activated) fire up DCS World 1.5. It should then recognise BS2 and allow you to install the DCS World version FOC (it tells you via a pop up in DCS World - If you miss this it may be listed under your modules). Once complete I believe you can un-install BS2, I have just never got around to it, so I can't really speak to that.
  5. Run the updater in the Start>Programs>Whatever this directory is called that DCS is in. That should get you up to date.
  6. I voted other, but it depends what you mean about 'dynamic campaign'. I want that, but secondly to a living breathing world. I would like to see busy and populated airbases, with all the bits and bobs lying around you get on a working airbase, as well as traffic and 'people getting on with their jobs', other a/c flying off and doing things, normal air traffic etc. Along with this, them using the radios like we have to do. Secondly (or thirdly depending how you read it), I would like individual renderable cameras, like MSFS does. So if I wished I could have one camera on one screen as my main trackir vision, and another looking off in another direction, or permanently set to an external view, or looking at the dashboard. Obviously still being able to disable the external view in mp would be important, but if it's 'inside' the cockpit it should be allowed. The living world would be a big one for me though, regardless if that was a dynamic campaign or not. I would like to see it all the time, regardless if it's a mess about we are doing, or a full mission. Controlling that world would be important though, a damaged a/c shouldn't be stuck in the holding pattern, it should get clearance first as well as if you are scrambling, you should jump the queue. So it needs to have a certain level of intelligence. Sadly with all those extra object and all that Ai around, I can imagine it killing the fps.
  7. I am not suggesting you do, but is the w10 free upgrade not available from vista?
  8. I don't know, I just didn't trust it wouldn't be a problem. It might be worth re downloading the files, or checking the hashes, one or more may he corrupt.
  9. Well that's very odd, the opposite is usually true. I would monitor your CPU/GPU temperatures, if they get too high they will throttle. I would also update or roll back your graphics driver, depending on if you have never updated, or have recently updated them.
  10. Did you remove 1.2 before hand? I uninstalled it and then wiped out the remnants before trying to install 1.5.
  11. Just to be clear on this: You have stuttering in full screen mode, but you have dropped to windowed mode and it's gone away?
  12. He did, but I can't find that post any more (the entire thread actually) and it was quoted in here and gone as well.
  13. They seem fine for me, possibly your region?
  14. Sweet mother Hubbard! NVMe RAID0?!?!?! Have you found any practical applications for such read speed yet? Judging by the rest of your rig you aren't video editing, so it begs the question if this is just for gaming?
  15. But Robin Hood is a commercial venture, it seems like a good opportunity missed. I think that airport does a lot right, but it's not that popular and this could have given them a nice boost in finances and given VTS a big Christmas bonus as well. Besides they average 1-2 flights an hour at most this time a year, plenty of room to fit her into the schedule. Parking isn't usually a problem as it's only seems half full at the busiest times as well.
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