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  1. Do you decide to work again on the UM version ? And no , I cant contact Zei for Mig 29 UB :(......PS feeling bad for that Mig 21 UM crash last days and for the pilots :( may they reast in peace
  2. Great idea for a UM version...good luck
  3. Just relax guys , this is for year 2040 +
  4. In 7 days after they release this map i will free all Syria only with one Mig21 Bis :),I already start training
  5. ....and still not fixed after yesterday update:(
  6. Hello guys,after latest OB update, the stick in both cockpits is not moving .
  7. Another bug ... on station 6 i mount the aso2 , from external view i cant see the pods but flares are launched....the same for sprd 99
  8. Tarabostes

    MIG-23 UB

    Hello guys,i just download the mod from the link above but is the same plane/cockpit like the old version,am i missing something?
  9. Make an Mig21 UM 2 seated version , only visual model that fly with bis cockpit :)
  10. If i want to use the carrier as a helicopter i will get any help from deck crew? At least at take off or landing some instructions from yellow guys?
  11. No offence but at this level you were 2 years ago with this module....
  12. no...its not fix after yesturday update....and i really dont get it....for helicopters like Mi8 this is their main job..its not important to fix it? But i think not because when they fix it we will have till next update and then will be broke again...
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