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  1. IT is been flying that one very easy to land I've recently move over to the harrier
  2. Been flying this jet for a week loving it reminds me of the F-86 simple and effective
  3. When is the T-45 expected to drop? and were to find it?
  4. I've been around dcs world for almost 4 years i can do everting land take off fly the only thingi dnt is shoot and missiles until yesterday im starting to get serious with DCS world i wanted to start with a simple plane like the F-86 or A-4 since the F-16,F-18 are more complicated i would like to probably join but im not sure how to join servers
  5. went to my local airplane museum down my street and they got this new restored F-16 i think he sead it was a block 70 not sure on that it sead california on the tail it was really nice
  6. So im on open beta when i got home i updated to the newest update then installed the new F-14 and now it doesnt work does n e one have an idea on how to fix this? It loads and all but when i choose the plane and its ready to fly i press the button to fly and nothing happens it freezes it was working fine until the update broke it i have a log idk if is of n e use.
  7. im sure one person can fly the b-52 its just a game it was done on fsx with captains sim model but the games graphics are just really bad it would be nice to have some boming missions special whit the new map coming out
  8. just wondering if we will ever see a bomber modual like a B-52 or maybe a B-2
  9. I just got the mig21 and it seems to be broken when i wanna put my gear up i have to be going really fast and press on the gear to go up alot of times then for the gear to go down i have to put it down back up and down for it to go down. when i crash land half the plane goes under ground then sometimes the front wheel goes 1/4 inch under ground does n e one know if its broken or is just me getting the buggs i hope they fix it because 50 dollars comes a long ways :helpsmilie:
  10. I just got the mig 21 and it seems broken when i try to put the gear up i have to go preety fast for them to go up and when landing i have to put them down then up and down again for them to go down also when i land and i crash the plane just goes under ground about half of it seems broken that was on the new map and on nevada map the from wheel sometimes goes 1/4 under ground.
  11. It's a nice plane but I would not waist a plane on that model if DCS world would build one I would rather do a hurricane more famous and nicer looking don't get me wrong the p47 is a nice plane but theirs better nicer looking ones
  12. It works now idk why it was doing that it would also crash when i would go try and make a mission on the map but i uninstalled the game and re installed it thats all i did and now it looks good and it doesnt crash does n e one know tho why it was ding that
  13. N E help plz n e one it looks real bad in my opinion i tried everything on graphic setting for DCS World and no luck
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