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  1. I assume you edited the entry file to remove the F-15.dll from being called. While this might work, its not operating on a terrible SFM, the plane will not fly well at all.(The reason it was put over the F-15 was for Virtual Airshow fun/theater) That's also why all the internal commands stopped working, the dll was controlling everything you mentioned above that is not working. The mod was killed by ED for a good reason, its a shame we can't just let her go.
  2. I would be able to help provide texture / model / pbr conversion work if you need it.
  3. Everything I have personally made using the 2.5 system still works. If the shape data did not contain a LOD file then it needed to be added. Beyond that I'm still testing looking for issues.
  4. I would try to reach out to the server admin if possible.
  5. I will do more testing online with other pilots and have them eject too. Thanks for the data. I am running Open Beta currently.
  6. I have tried to replicate online and cannot get the ground equipment to show when ejecting. https://imgur.com/a/kAHRZU4
  7. I made some air racing pylons that you can place on land or water, multiple different sizes and Reno style gates check it out! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3196986/?sphrase_id=19678437
  8. I am unable to replicate the issue on my end. Were you in single player or multiplayer? Did a player shoot you down or an AI unit? Has this happened again for you or only the one time? Are you on Open Beta or Stable?
  9. Vars website is now live. I will continue to update and evolve as the content as the season progresses. http://virtualairrace.com/
  10. VARS Pylons Mod Version 2 is now live and available for download. Simply replace the VARS Pylons folder with the new one verify you have Version 2 by checking for the notepad file named Version 2 inside the VARS Pylons folder. Enjoy! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3196986/
  11. Rough Translation: Hello how may server enters into the root folder of DCS and browse to find the folder / bin to the open and to the right of the window in the white area, then click with the right mouse by simultaneously pressing the left shift key from the menu, choose the option to open with powershell, you get a blue screen at the prompt type DCS_updater.exe repair (put a space between exe and repair) click submit to finished this step type DCS_updater.exe cleanup and sending to me has not found anything, however when I did these steps I have not had a crash or freeze proof so it doesn't ruin anything In the signature of the user BRIGHEWY find the video link for this.
  12. We are making some serious progress on track edits and bug cleanup. I hope to have the official map available to everyone this weekend!
  13. 18:00 GMT today we ill be doing a stress test of the VARS server, stream equipment, and race track triggers / design layout. Everyone is welcome to hop on and run. ~JG
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