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  1. It doesnt show anything on the saitek or the logitech site
  2. So I got the X65f throttle but I dont have the CD to download the Software. Is there a way to download the software somewhere?
  3. Yeah I hoped it would be on this years plans for modules but atleast they talked about the F-15E
  4. Well that’s unfortunate. Another thing I just thought about is if the Phantom E will even be able to do carrier operations since the E didnt do such things
  5. I thought the F-4E would be the next thing developed after the Falcon, but since the announcemens for 2020 I guess it was pushed back after the Mi 24
  6. Yeah. I just saw there was a LOD file in all the other skins but how do i make one for my skin?
  7. So I made a skin for myself and as soon as you zoom out, the texture disappears as you can hopefully see in the screenshots. So I just wanted to ask if there is a solution for this and by what it is caused. thx Screen_191226_233707.png Screen_191226_233712.png
  8. It´s now been a long time since it was announced and I´m getting pretty impacient since my Hotas is getting very outdated. My thought is that it´ll maybe come out with the full release of the Hornet. Is there any info about the release date of the Hotas?
  9. Personally I´d love to see the F-104 and Mig 25. Even with it´s problems, could think it´s a lot of fun to fly the F-104, same with the Mig 25. And for the F-15c, I just think it could need some updates. It has been non-clickable for a long time and I just think I could be more fun with a clickable Cockpit. These are just some wishes from me. Would love to see these. Best regards
  10. Is there a Texture template for the Viggen that I can use for making my own Viggen skin in Photoshop? I´m thankfull for every reply.
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