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  1. IRIAF Liveries All are WIP and havnt done , yet ! They are all EX Iraqi BQ and EQ variants ! null null
  2. Of course it is too much to ask for , but we are all part of DCS community with same goal : "to make DCS great ! " so they could ask for better skins from skinners , like me with my pleasure i would accept to hand on Iranian skins to help them, for free !!! @Ala13_ManOWar you are more like a good Fan of Aerges than being AV geeks , nice job bro ISAAC
  3. another low bad quality and wrong skins for Iran faction in DCS !!! as a Professional skinner , what i could say is that they didnt spend time for Iranian skins and those flag and roundel are copy paste from wikipedia or google , without any correction !!! this is not respectful !!! another shame !!!
  4. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Man thank you , thank you thank you I could guess that something is wrong thank you so much Isaac
  5. after updating EDM , i get this error when wanna export , and my model doesnt have bone ! how can i fix it !
  6. I wonder why you guys say -95-GR (IRIAF) ?!? Only 80 of 90 & 95-GR are for IRIAF , this means USNAVY could have 90 and 95GR in DCS too , isnt it ?!?!
  7. Greetings This is Desert Camo for Iranian Aviation Army , based on Real Iranian AH-1J Twin cobra (Sea Cobra) Real Picture link 1 Real Picture Link 2 Skin Download Link : I.R.I.A.A. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322023/ Skin Download Link : I.I.A.A. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3322022/
  8. My dear @IronMike , my best friend no doubt they have been best in that match and congrats to them again . but i am talking about 2 phoenix that i shot and at all i am confused about performance !!! first shot : altitude : 15000 speed M1.14 within 15NM PAL (PSTT) mode !!! target became hot second shot : like first shot , PAL (PSTT) within 10NM and again target hot ! at all i am just confused from this performance , while as i know the NEZ (No Escape Zone ) is like 12 NM in PAL mode !! my dear @IronMike i never ever blame anyone or anything , except myself i am just confused ! thats all ! my best regards ISAAC
  9. Hi just wanna share my experience and what i have seen from latest update ! this is tacview file of (IIAF vs CNF) SATAC match 2/12/2022 , also you will see in tacview we (IIAF) brought 4x F-14B with 4x phoenix for each in the match (round 2) and .... i would better say nothing and please watch the tacview file by your own ! you can see me with "ISAAC" name flown there with Human RIO "CIPHER" ! my best regards love & peace ISAAC CNF_vs_IIAF_Round_2.zip.acmi
  10. Many thanks for your answer ! I know about PBR and how is working ! but my question is : does it mean i have to copy it in Roughmet Red channel ?! or is that file works independently ?! if yes how should i edit the description file in liveries folder !?!
  11. AWESOME , cannt wait to fly by this Legend in DCS HB is the best !
  12. Greetings There is a file name : mi_8_tex_1_ao which is controlling the Red channel (Ambient Occlusion ) , adding shadows behind armor plates on nose or in some other areas !!! my question is how that thing works properly ?! thanks
  13. Many thanks @Charly_Owl for your all efforts your Manuals are make it so easy to learn new pits many many many thanks Isaac
  14. YES We really need this Port .... this is the First Area of Iranian Navy yard ! and full of vessels !
  15. after years , still spec files are not correct , it is too shinny and NM file is not aligned with template layers and it is totally broken ! please fix it , please all these are default : Roughness view (spec files) civil , no hardpoints Template is not aligned with default NM file ! Please please , fix this Beauty , please
  16. Greetings I am making Standard Instrument Charts ( STAR / SID / IAC ) for Night and Low Visibility flying , based on Iranian AIP (ICAO) and FAA which is adapted to DCS Persian Gulf Map parameters. As you know , This is a very time taking , complicated job and I will try my best to complete all of them , soon. I just done the first one , OIKB IAC 1 [ ILS RWY 21L ] , my pleasure to share with you guys. After completion , I will upload them in User files Page . How to Install : make a folder name : Kneeboard at this address : \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\terrains\PersianGulf ,and copy the File there . like this picture : OIKB IAC 0-1 TACAN ILS RWY 21L: OIKB IAC 0-2 VOR ILS RWY 21L: Best Regards ISAAC
  17. @draconus dcs.20181005-222936.crash dcs.20181005-222936.dmp dcs.20210417-112327.crash dcs.20210417-112327.dmp dcs.20210419-153745.crash dcs.20210419-153745.dmp dcs.20210422-180228.crash dcs.20210422-180228.dmp dcs.20210425-210418.crash dcs.20210425-210418.dmp dcs.20210426-193328.crash dcs.20210426-193328.dmp I hope i uploaded correctly dcs.log-20210415-034811.zip dcs.log-20210419-152614.zip dcs.log-20210425-195908.zip dcs.log-20210425-201403.zip dcs.log-20210426-181225.zip
  18. as I experienced in mission editor when i choose PG , crashes a lot
  19. i just donwload your exec file , many thanks
  20. NEW 2.7 is awesome and thank you so much for all efforts we know that this is WIP and as you said , is not completed yet my biggest Wish for DCS 2.7 is LIVE WEATHER which is based on TAF and METAR and SIQWX and other free WX data......! which are in access freely by websites in Internet for everyone , ( just like other Sims) Best regards ISAAC
  22. Congrats to Winners @BIGNEWY 1- is there any chance to add other skins to the game officially ??? Both Iran and Turkey had P-47D Historically and Both are in DCS Maps " PG and Syria " 2- My another question is , how did you pick the winners ?! what was the requirement ?! Cheers ISAAC
  23. Download Link : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315030/ Download Link : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315029/ Download Link : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315028/
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