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  1. No surprise! Looks like they handle the module like it's ready and needs only some adjustments. BTW I think BK 90 would be one of the most effective systems on the Viggen. Too sad...
  2. Hi Everyone! BK 90 is still buggy in multiplayer! I've tried it today and still makes only one big detonation instead of spreading the submunitions. I could deliver with no problems, but obviously no real damage for the abovementioned reason. When will Heatblur finally adress the problem? It's as old as the whole module! What are the latest news about improving Viggen in 2.5?
  3. I just DID! WOW! It's like getting back something of the old FM! At higher speeds (above 500 IAS) it's very fun. At lower speeds (like 400 IAS) it's very wobbly. I made a demo-like flight with SAU Stab engaged, and I enjoyed it very much, I had the grin on my face! :pilotfly: I even landed stab engaged. I managed to do it for second approach, was a one-bounce rookie landing, but I did it. So for landing it's too indirect! I'm very happy that You shared your experience regarding SAU stab! It's kinda interesting that the Stabilization mode makes rolling way more "unstable" (but real aircraft-like) compared to the stab off mode.
  4. There's another thing: I use this with Oculus Rift. Those who use a normal monitor really had difficulties with handling the old model. I could hardly land the MiG when I tried to do it in 2D. Those users probably have much less to feel about the behaviour of a model. I think that all players in DCS World should consider to invest into a VR to have the experience and to find out how important roll behaviour is. The whole perception is different! In my oppinion devs still keep in mind that most users have monitors instead of VR and try to tune the models according to that.
  5. I've been waiting for this patch, although I can't feel much difference regarding the roll behaviour. I still feel that I can land this aircraft on a carrier. Too easy. I couldn't describe the details of unrealistic behaviour better than "no weight to it". I still prefer the old model to this one, and it seems to me the developing company wants to make the model flyable for more users who kinda socialized in the Flaming Cliffs world. I feel real sorry, but I'm still unsatisfied. :(
  6. Ok, thanks for the info, I didn't know that! Aside with all my complains, I'm really happy that someone took so much efforts to make a simulator for this plane. I've been playing flight sims since Retaliator. Since then I was waiting and looking for a MiG-21 modeling sim! This was the jet I saw every day as kid, so it means a lot for me. So Hats down for this sim so far!
  7. This 90 degrees per second rate was a security limit for the MiG-21 F-13. It was a real widowmaker as you know, since it didn't have a training variant and most pilots shifted from subsonic predeccessors. This is what YOUR interview subject said. ;-)
  8. It's good to know that they are aware of the problem and will adress it. This generates another question I already expressed: If they were aware of the problem, why did they have to publish the patch. This new patch costed me 1 registration out of my ten I payed for. So they not only made a questionable patch-issue but even charged me for 5 dollars. I'm not here to make judgements, but this policy is not really consumer-friendly.
  9. I accept, that the old FM was not accurate, since I haven't flown the real one. But one thing is sure: this new rolling behaviour is unreal. It doesn't accelerate into the roll and doesn't decelerate when you stop the stick, but stops the roll instantly and razor sharp. You have to compensate the roll if you wanna stop instantly. if you just center the stick, it decelerates to roll and stops somewhere. Remember! This is a hydraulics-boosted control system, not a FBW. YOU have to control everything, there is no computer to compensate. I hope that the developers will adress this and repair this annoying arcade-ish model. I'm sure that the solution is somewhere in between. I have one important question to think about: Why do we have to be arguing about something that is still in service, has detailed documentation, recorded data, measurable physics and everything you need to make a realistic model. My answer would be that most users couldn't "fly" the realistic model, so the developers have to make it playable while keeping the most possible from the real one. They are balancing between the two.
  10. It's not about how YOU feel. It's about realism. Although MiG-21 is a small aircraft, it was not an easy play to handle nor to master. Many pilots died or had to eject because of the inertia coupling. I even knew one of them. It was a real issue. It took generations and many variants to get the Bis somewhat more managable, the SPS-system for instance meant a lot regarding the landing speed. You compare it to the Flanker's rolling speed. It's an advanced plane, while the MiG is the technology of the 60's, and with some developments, it stayed so. The mentioned 90 degrees/second rolling was a real thing, faster rolling could cause inertia coupling and disaster. This new FM has more issues, and rolling behaviour is only one of them, a very visible tho. To summarize: The flight behaviur SHOULDN'T be based on looks (small wings, light aircraft etc.) but the real thing! Most DCS-users only saw MiG-21s on airshows. I grew up with an airfield at my hometown where MiGs stationed. I knew people flying it, and in some cases dying with it. I will have a detailed consultation with a very experienced MiG-21 pilot to make things clear, at least for myself, regarding the questioned FM-issues. Then I'll inform You about my findings.
  11. Hi! Sorry for the inconvenient question, but are You stating that You issued a patch "having no time to allocate to tune it better"? Is this rolling behaviour among the prepared improvements for the next update or it's meant to satisfy those who had troubles to LEARN landing and handling of the previous FM? If the new policy of Leatherneck is to satisfy more users with a simplified handling, do You plan to offer a different, more realistic FM for those who would like to have a more realistic FM? At the end of the manual for the MiG-21 LN issued a long list of experts, engineers and real pilots involved in the development. When LN implements such a radical change in the FM are they involved and asked again? This actual handling is not a slight change, but it's a completely different plane we have for the time being. Thanks for Your answers in advance!
  12. Dear Folks, I'm not a forum-ranger, but this last patch makes me break my silence. I've been using the Mig-21 bis for a couple of weeks. First on a regular monitor, then with the Oculus Rift. I was very satisfied with the FM. At the beginning I had issues with the controlling, particularly with the landing. But after setting up my joystick, reading the manual and questioning real MiG-pilots, I managed to "fly" the machine. Her behaviour was kinda real, I got used to it and landed each time with no problems. When I first faced the new patch I couldn't believe the behaviour! I had to double-check my settings, if there is some kinda "arcade" function activated. But after reading relevant posts I had to accept that they made a MiG-looking Retaliator-style GAME out of a simulator. My second shock was to see how many users are satisfied with the new patch. They are happy to be able to land the plane instead of damaging the gears and stuff. If this flight behaviour stays, they will surely be happy with a GAME that has MiG-21 looks but "Retaliator-style handling". This is NOT a simulator with this rolling behaviour. Not only the rotating speed, but the sharpness is very annoying. You don't have to make the constant tiny corrections with the roll. It's like a FBW plane. Sterile and game-ish. It cuts through the air, and doesn't swim in it. No feelings at all, at least for me! I'm very sad! This MiG-simulator really moved my heart, since we have a MiG-21 pilot in the family who flew different variants of the 21 for 35 years and I stared at the sky longing into the cockpit of these wonderful machines. I was very pleased to have it, even if only virtually. I had no opportunity to ask him about this FM, but I surely will and I'll tell you his judgement. Until then I give You mine! This is NOT a MiG-21 as it is now. If you have concerns about the rolling, watch this video about the constant corrections I'm writing about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-cEdwgYdAw This is the Lancer version, that is smoother and more advanced than the bis was, but I hope You know what I'm talking about.
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