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  1. You should probably post this in the Squadron Recruitment subforum, and include basic information such as were you're located (timezone), when you fly together etc...
  2. And if the channel was wrong they wouldn't reply at all? The "unable" / "negative" shows that the frequency is correct at least, and that the correct radio is being used.
  3. My impression is rather the opposite: I find the range rather underwhelming, even over flat terrain (Eastern Syria for example).
  4. Yes it is, but I remember barely scratching 20 fps in flight sims back in the ‘90s, so in the end we’re much better off today
  5. In one of the semi-recent interviews with ED, Simon (iirc it was him) said the new GFX engine for DCS (post-Vulkan and multicore) would benefit from having 64GB of RAM, so that's what I went for. Flight simulators is a genre that has always been more demanding on RAM than the average PC game...
  6. Yes, both the server and the mission needs to have them enabled or they won't work for clients. Luckily we have the dedicated server client now, in case you don't want to mess with your own settings.
  7. Ok, well I guess we’ll see when we get the pilot model. I usually determine the cockpit head position by looking at the external model to see where the pilot's head is, and - while in the cockpit - by looking down at the seat and checking the distance to the seat compared to where my physical seat is. That way, in the F-14 the heading tape just barely touches the top of the HUD glass, and I have quite decent over-the-nose visibility…
  8. Luckily DCS allows you to change the default camera position quite easily
  9. Oddly enough I have been using this cockpit mod for years now, which claims to have removed the mipmaps: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2893155/ It severely improves readability in VR
  10. The hotfix before last messed up the default seating position for both the Apache and the Tomcat for me. I have no experience with the CPG seat, but the view in the pilot seat is too much to the right in VR - at least on my end.
  11. Apparently radar altimetres are not very reliable above water in real life either. It does make sense when you think about it
  12. Using buttons or an axis? Either way it's understandable if you're struggling, but with buttons you can't really set curves. As for curves on pitch/roll axes, they are highly individual since it all depends on how tall your stick is, how long your extensions are (if they are at all present), how much friction you have on the stick (can you adjust the friction?), and where you have your stick mounted/placed. I don't use curves at all for example, but I perfectly understand this may not work for everyone. It's always best to experiment and then stick to what feels "right" to *you*. And even after that, it's perfectly fine to make adjustments the more your experience with the aircraft grows.
  13. I have never had it disabled, so I can't compare. But I see you have an older Ryzen, and this feature works best with the 5000-series.
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