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  1. Yup, you'd probably need the APG-79 on the Rhino to do both things at once
  2. Does anyone know if DCS models the radar elevation limits of the SAM systems it depicts? AFAIK certain PGMs (perhaps HARM) ought to be able to enhance the likelihood of penetrating SAM defences by high diving on the emitter from above their sensor coverage.
  3. If it's just an SA-10 site, you can get right on top of it by creeping in below ~60ft (the lower the better) and then hitting the radars with rockets (although this is a bit-memey). SHORAD complicates things if present. Suffice it to say, taking down a theatre-level HIMAD system is an inherently difficult task, much like sinking a well armed warship. Expecting to take one down solo is probably not realistic, especially if it is supported by aircraft and SHORAD systems.
  4. Looks like the R77 can do the Cobra too..?
  5. https://www.airforcemag.com/usaf-fighter-mission-capable-rates-fiscal-2020/
  6. IIRC the ALE-50 was planned for the Viper, not the Hornet.
  7. Hear hear! Despite what the naysayers might have us believe, I do think we are in a golden era of military flight simulation thanks in large part to ED's hard work. What a thrill to watch this masterpiece take shape.
  8. TBH I think we are seeing a tacit acknowledgement from ED that the EW system in DCS needs a complete overhaul. IIRC they were advertising for an EW SME/specialist a while ago. I suspect the Hornet ASPJ functionality is just the first step in a much larger process.
  9. So I've been looking through the control settings on the Hornet and I can't seem to find where I can bind ECM XMIT/OFF to anything? I have a BlackHog panel that I'd like to bind it to. Any clues?
  10. Interesting. So will the ASPJ placed in XMIT jam enemy fighter radars that are painting ownship in TWS mode, for example? Or will they be unaffected?
  11. Tried this myself with solid results - FPS is now buttery smooth. Nice one!
  12. NASAMS might come close to filling the gap if it was in game. It's not a system you'd be likely to see in any of the theatres/factions/timeframes depicted in DCS though.
  13. True enough, nevertheless the targets did deploy a rather massive quantity of flares, which is consistent with a very high level of IRCCM from the missile. This is also echoed in all of the literature I have read on the subject (eg. the source I attached to that same post) indicating that imaging infra-red (IIR) seekers like the one on the AIM9X represent a generational step above those you might be used to on missiles like the AIM9M, R73 or Magic II, with a corresponding jump in IRCCM capability. This is also reflected in the trend toward IIR guidance found in numerous current and emerging SRAAMs ranging from the AIM9X to Python 5, ASRAAM, PL-10, MICA-IR and possibly K74M2. I am not aware of any data indicating that pre-emptive or reactive use of DCS-style pyrotechnic flares (as a missile seduction measure) should provide an effective method of defeating such missiles, even in scenarios like the one you have shown above. The closest thing I have seen proposes that the use of a distributed flare (ie. not the type depicted in DCS) may provide the target with a fleeting opportunity to break the missile's lock (at ~600m or less from impact) by momentarily bleaching out the seeker of an IIR missile approaching from the rear, giving the aircraft a last ditch chance to break away from the missile FOV. This is not what you have depicted above though. The take-away message (p7) seems to be that DIRCM systems like the one on the Su-57 will be needed to provide an adequate level of protection against IIR seekers going forward (and even that might not be enough). To quote the source I just described: Nevertheless, if you know of any high quality sources/data supporting your position by all means present them. In the absence of this all you are doing is arguing from incredulity, which probably won't lead to any significant changes being made in DCS.
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