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  1. Incredible news! I had high hopes for this project before and those have only intensified with this announcement. Excited for the future here!
  2. Seems like there's a lot going on right now but it's the kind of thing that isn't yet ready to be spectacular. The Mi-24P, the Mosquito, the new weather engine, the dynamic campaign engine, the all new rendergraph engine, the new damage model system... we've seen mentions of all of these over the last three months. We also just got some long awaited updates for the F-16. Some of these items have long lead times and we may not see them for a year or more while others are coming soon (the latest is the Mi-24P in Q1 2021 and the Mosquito before the end of the year). Sometimes there are lulls in the excitement. Doesn't mean nothing is going on.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct procedure but I've started testing against a simpler SAM system (a Rapier) by firing a pair of HARMs about 10 seconds apart and then closing the gap to deploy JSOW as soon as I'm in the range circle. Still trying to find the right altitude for the best dispersion pattern against a SAM site but I feel like a few JSOW should be able to wreck a site potentially.
  4. I really like this idea of having a few different options here. This helps add value and customizability. I would definitely love to see an English cockpit version of this.
  5. Congratulations to Cobra and the whole Heatblur team. I know this is still just the beginning but getting to March 13 has been a marathon effort and I look forward to the early access release and on-going development by the team. Well done folks!
  6. The latest textures are incredible. They bring the interior up to the same outstanding standard that we've seen from the exterior. Outstanding job folks!
  7. Being a bit of a weather geek...I couldn't resist. In typical weather modeling during snowstorms they use a ratio of 10:1 (snow to rain mix). Even in storms where the temperatures are a couple of degrees below freezing you still get mixed precipitation that sometimes includes rain, wet snow, sleet, ice pellets, etc. It's rarely just one precipitation type even when what you see looks like snow... That is unless you have an extremely cold storm (which we had where I live last weekend where the ratio was apparently 25:1).
  8. For now Rise of Flight (and Flying Circus Vol 1) will have to fill that niche. I can imagine it being easier to do one of these aircraft in one respect with extremely simple systems. It would be interesting to fly a DCS World exploration of a Sopwith Camel. But I would want them to support it properly with a map, objects, other aircraft, balloons, etc.
  9. RAZBAM has a couple of development streams and one of them is 'Red Wings' which they have referred to on their Facebook page. The MiG-23 is next on the list once the MiG-19 is finished. There's more about that here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=213395 It took over a year for the MiG-19. I'd suggest that the MiG-23 will be 2020.
  10. Very interesting! Thanks for clarifying... That is a little confusing at first then! I hope you enjoy the new module. It's really great!
  11. The sale begins October 1st. The F/A-18C is so worth it. It's still got issues here and there but even in its current state its the module I have the most fun with both AA and AG modes. Looking forward to some precision weapons though.
  12. Hello RAZBAM team. I just picked up your M-2000C module this weekend and I'm incredibly impressed. Job well done and I look forward to your future products (especially that M-III :)).
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