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  1. Well as a french, we use metrics in all everyday life task. But when we talk about aviation, we standardise to imperial units. From my step, Imperial units are great, i grown with it, learn with it, fly as civilian, and fly military in DCS with imperial. On the other hand, metrics give me trouble in aviation because it seems un natural. As well as MPH in good old fashioned warbirds/early jets. JF17 is built, design and sold to be cheaper NATO aircraft rival over more Seconds hands F16 for army with smaller budget. So to compare those aircraft, and as 90% of the country fly with imperial, the JF17 IS IN IMPERIAL! Final! Get use to it or pass your way! (btw china may build it, but since they don't buy it and don't fly it for their own because it's only built for export... They don't care if it's in metrics or not) With that said, remember that IRL Pilots, military moreover, train and learn to be able to convert any value from metrics to imperial and from imperial to metrics, as well as train to convert fuel from tons to LBS... JUST LEARN TO DO SAME! Dcs is a simulator, and if you play DCS, you want a simulator! Here it is. If learning how to fly real jet as they are build is bothering you, go back to ace combat! This is not the place for lazy kids that don't even try or don't care about realism. Yeah... You can uninstall DCS allready then! And remember that as virtual pilots when you learn the plane you learn it in the units from manual. So learn the numbers and then fly the plane you wont get any trouble. Practice make it perfect. For what it's worth, you wouldn't ask a F14, F16, F18 or Harrier in metrics. And even if some of them (like mirage) got some tweaks to get somewere meters altitude, they are not meant to be in metrics. Deka is giving us one of the most finised Gen 4+ aircraft in DCS, putting a lot of time and effort to get there. They want a full fidelity aircraft as precise as they can. Also as it is their first module, they want it to be almost perfect on release so it will be more advanced than actual F18 and F16. So no unrealistic features, payloads, displays, stuff, effects... If you want metrics russia is the only way. Or really fast and good at math brain ;)
  2. Well really interesting loopack. :) Since PL5E II are something around AIM9M... And HMD is available in hornet with those sidewinders (minus a really tinier angle of shot something 40 degrés each aide) its still nice to use in dogfight to gain those few degres corner speed dont allow u to take. But as in real life this situation occur only few time, there may be no need. But does that mean JF17 Block III will receive new fox2... Mmmhh lets wait and see. Maybe they add J10/J20 HMD only for all other uses (including BVR, Bore mod, A/G HMD support)
  3. well... I would be the first glad of it... Hope as paf modernise its blck 1 and 2 to match blck 3 avionics including new aesa radar and hmds from j10 and j20 ... You could at this time add at least HMD :) If i may ask, does jf17 comes with HMD possibility stock but paf didnt need it or is it something "new" and could be upgrade like F16 and F18 get it during upgrade phasis.
  4. Btw... If anyone got answer about potential HMD on JF. I know HMD like hornet/F16 is only plan IRL on block III but i was wondering if JF get a rudimental/basic HMD like su27 and mig29 for its infrared (fox2) missiles wich allow in dogfight to compensate lack of AOA or avoid pull too much g's and keep corner speed :)
  5. Oh so feed is the total fuel of the tank you are using. And you got 5 fuel tanks?! 4/5 = Wings and 1/2/3 are fuselage (main) fuel tanks. But still i dont see any Fuel flow gauge to get an idea estimate easily your autonomy. In F14 you get FF in Lbs/h (wich is most easy to use to calculate how long you get) and in f18 fpas help you but you still got fuel flow in lbs/min
  6. Hi guys, in your récent videos we clearly saw that JF was carrying 5300lbs internal and engine parameter, like in hornet, can be found on left mfd (while under it in f18). We got rpm on left gauge, heat on mid gauge, total fuel on left bar, feed (is that fuel flow?! Seems pretty stable) and under those we got 2 fuel tank gauge. So my question is where is fuel flow and what is approximative FF around buster loaded and not loaded. I Just want to estimate range and efficiency of the Chine se rework rd33. In other post someone said that with 3tanks JF got a slightly better range than f18 3 tanks and f16 with its 2 biggest (huuuuuuuge) tank.
  7. Oh... Sad... Well... no worries, i was just wondering if it there was trouble/delay working on "new" FM and data instead "copy paste" for Il78/Kj2000 (i know it's not that simple but you get the idea). And i didn't know it was a volunteer developping base. Hope you get news ;) Do we know if more "other assets" will come with it? Transport, AWACS/Hawkeye, fighter etc other than the one announced on Asset pack section? Anyway, i'm really looking up for JF17, can't wait. Keep your good work going on and thanks for the answer :)
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4022069&postcount=11 I have to say... its look awesome... can't wait to get my hands on it :3
  9. Hi there, a lonnnng time ago, before J11A comes in FC3, you posted a facebook update talking about KJ200 AWACS/Electronic warfare plane. I was wondering if it was still on the tracks? I know you may be busy with JF17 right now, and i know you are not as big as ED or razbam teams, but still it would be a great addition instead of KJ2000. Maybe, it will land same time as JF17 to work with it?
  10. Well first of all, it's not Deka who don't want to get J11 as Su27 and Su33 bundle. All credit goes to ED. Deka said multiple time it's all on ED hands. Now, for specs, deka allready said J11 FC3 wasn't finished and polished. It was rushed. When they finished JF17 they are interested on reworking it (mostly cockpit) and eventually make a full J11B. But nothing sure there. Consider actual J11A as a Su27 with reworked exterior, and R77.
  11. Well F16 is an heavier A2G plane than JF17. That a fact. Where JF have to sacrifice mid fuel tank, or external wing pylon for a TPOD, F16 can include it without loose any pylon. So it allow you to get Mid fuel tank, and full wing pylons. Also F16 got real mavericks, HARM, GBU, JDAM, so a lot of known weapons if you have fly the F18. Compare to JF you can carry more on same amount of pylon. Finally but always nice, F16 can carry self 4 self defense weapons (AMRAAM or 9X) and keep 4 A2G dedicated pylons (the one which car carry heavier payload btw). While JF 17 can only have 2 fox 2 at wing edge if you want to keep 4 pylons for A2G. So.... They both got their advantage, but in A2G F16 will be better because of largest choice and better efficiency of the payload it can carry. But JF 17 is as good as a F18 hornet (or almost if you let aside the 2 self defense AMRAAM under belly) wich is pretty good. And if you fly with F16 buddies or other wich allready have Tpod, i expect they could do some targetting for you. So you can stick to 2 fox 2, 1 mid fuel tank, 4 pylon A2G, wich is pretty good :)
  12. My bad, here is C701 look.... :) it weight 117 kg, it's 2,507 m lengh 18 cm wide. It got 25 km range at mach 0.8. It's mostly a antiship missiles but can be used as maverick for T version if i refer to https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4000696&postcount=35 Loopack post. And about payload (all of them) https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4000959&postcount=37 Mav is 208 to 302 kg, 2,55 m lengh, 30cm wide. It got from 13 to 27 km at mach 1.
  13. Apparently yeah it got C701 wich are small mavericks... Kind of... I didn't manage to get any pictures... For payload here it is... So 4 maverick alike missiles, without TPod... so no extra fuel tank if you take Tpod under belly https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20190320/794ce3d2e613ee82ca6b0be422aeec63.jpg Remember, it is smaller, lighter and still less equiped in multirole fighter class compare to good old F16. Jf is still really young and block III allready on its way IRL to fil the gap from A/G payload. :)
  14. Deka always said, and focus on releasing an almost full product in EA... Like some other devs (Heatblur with Viggen or F14B, octopus G with i16 and ED with warbirds mostly). I'm glad we can get our hand on a full module, or almost, at Day 1 Hype is real for me, i'm holding on F16 because of JF17 i want more, but guys... This is reaaally hard. "This summer" is so aproximative... ^^ Anyway, hope they keep their great job on the tracks. Getting this toy before F16 that allow us to master it a bit, and kick some F16 and F18 ass will be dope... Or simply fly beside F16 since Pakistani air force got both. (wich i guess is why JF17 is able to receive/transmit on L16 like i saw in some pakistani air force documentary)
  15. Sound like it is a L16 D/L like... :) https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4005262&postcount=11 That not surprising for a 2010 figther... Even with IRL "low cost" price... JF17 wasn't meant to be cheap on its features... It always claim to be a cheaper F16 like alternative plane.. Including US Black listed country :)
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