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  1. Hey guys. How could I get darker clouds on the bottom side when using overcast? I have tried every configuration and preset but all my overcasts look white like the sun is going through all the way. I am trying to get that darkish atmosphere on rainy days but all I get is full white iluminated overcasts. On the upper side of the overcast, darker tones are awesome, but on the bottom, everything is smooth white, like if the bottom side were ignoring all the shadows showing on the upper side. Maybe I am missing something this is how it looks with overcast preset on the bottom https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=556950505875091&set=a.556951172541691 on the upper side it looks great, white and dark tones everywhere https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=556950942541714&set=a.556951172541691 Graphics are on highest possible. Adding rain to the overcast only adds fog and the rain itself.
  2. Hi guys. Asking for quick advice today. This is what I want to do, I wish to traverse the DCS _G table (once the game is running), and be able to print all its content, using the LUA command line, at the end of the day I wish to call the functions contained in _G. For that I made a little foreach printing, I commented out the "sanitizeModule" script, then I ran the game and executed the script, but nothing related to DCS come out, just generic stuff from lua. My script is running completely outside DCS, in a lua command line (maybe I should move it somewhere else? ). It takes A LOT of time to get to the right piece of information so I ask here straight away how should I do it, it will save me days and weeks of reading old outdated imprecise information, you know what I mean. I have many theories and assumptions but I don't want to clutter the post with that if it's not relevant. At the end what I pretend to do is calling the DCS's functions contained in _G, from withing my script. I saw it been made in other games, but I don't know here. I read the dcs-witchcraft script, he's using sockets, that is not and explored path yet. Any information is welcome! Thanks for taking the time! PS: I think after reading some more, that what I need to get is the DCS environment (from within my script). The DCS's environment is called "env"..
  3. I'm not buying any map sadly, there is nothing to do in them except engaging random people in MP or killing hand placed targets on the ground.
  4. Hi friends, Does anyone know if there exist some shader or mod to make Nevada look less like a melting icecream ? Som pics. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  5. If a bomber is in the air, the whole server will rush to kill him ;-) its a fact, just play war thunder
  6. Have you ever played war thunder as a heavy bomber? if the answer is yes, then you know that your life span would be less than 2 minutes. lol there are more reasons that were already mentioned by other users. But lets face it, I would die to rush directly towards a bomber and kill him in many different and creative ways lol As a side note, DCS without a DC is already too boring if you on top of that add some heavy bomber. 25 minutes to climb, 30 minutes to reach the AO, 1 hr to fly back... hmm..its a no go for me
  7. Paypal says I don't need a credit card or bank account, but if I want to add funds, I need a credit card or a bank account. With Steam I pay the bill with no extra charge in my neighborhood, one block away from home.
  8. Ey guys. Is the Campaign available in Steam the 3.0 one? Has it been updated on steam? I don't have a credit card so Steam is my only option.
  9. Thank you, sir. 4 years later..the information here was useful to me
  10. Hey guys, I am just done with it and I need help if somebody has a bit of time. I have read DCS World\API\DCS_ControlAPI.html file in order to implement the onSimulationFrame callback function and others. That's what I am trying. This is my VERY basic code, it's in a file named TestingCallbacks.lua and located in C:\Users\Maxi\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Hooks: local myCallbackTable= {} function myCallbackTable.onSimulationStart() env.info("Calling onSimulationStart...") end function myCallbackTable.onSimulationFrame() env.info("Calling onSimulationFrame...") end DCS.setUserCallbacks(myCallbackTable) So far I got no message log in Dcs.log file located in ..\dcs\logs\dcs.log I tried installing working scripts like SLmod-witchcraft-SimpleRadioStandalone-Tacview and all of them are working. Reading all their source code wasn't of much help sadly and 7 hours later I am just done. The testbed mission consists of one SU25t available as 'Client', not player, not AI. The plane is turned off, at the ramp start. I suspect I have to do something with Export.lua but I have no clue really. Sometimes I get an error in the log that says 'attempt to index global 'DCS' (a nil value)', so I suspect I am not reaching DCS really. My intention: Creating a simple client-server with my external C++ app using sockets, so i can get data in and out of DCS. If I write the env.info, outside the function callbacks, the env.infois called fine, so the file is recognized by the sim I guess. Feel free to ask me anything or whatever. Any help will be very welcome and thanks!
  11. i cannot wait for this! as somebody said earlier, this map will be way more exciting than Nevada/Persian golf, and probably Caucasus. I want to support this project from day zero, i wish you the best!.
  12. Oh that is sad :-( i will write him. Thank you D3Magic
  13. Hi guys, quick question. Searching the forum and steam didnt work. Is there a way to transfer the A10C Tactical Training from steam to stand alone? I have Advanced training and i transfered it succesfully, same for Piercing fury, but Steam doesn't show me any serial number for the tactical training. I bought all campaing DLCs the same day January 1st 2018. I dont really know if its a problem related to steam not showing up the serial number, or the DCL is not compatible. I have Nevada, M2000, KA50, A10C, Huey, CA, some campaings, FC3, all of them in Stand alone, the last DLC in steam is the A10C TTQ but there is no serial number in steam, i am keeping 40+ Gb of the steam DCS installation just because of this campaing and i really need that space. Thanks in advance. :pilotfly:
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