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  1. Sure. This would be awesome. I love the CMS Editor. Thanks Baile and i hope ED will enable it. Your program will be SRS equivalent for CMS in the near future, im sure! Thanks for the program nevertheless.
  2. yeah, well, today the slew axis died as well. will keep the old one for tinkering and trying to upgrade but just to keep me flying, i ordered a new one :/ :D Thank you for the replys.
  3. Hi all. Lately, i assume from my extensive helicopter flying, the Z axis on the throttle (the rocker pedals on the back of the unit) has a twitch to one side (right). Im afraid that i have "over used" mine. I think it can be few things: a) The potentiometer is becoming tired. b) The Spring that should center it is getting old. c) Both of above :( I would like to replace the potentiometer in it. Does anybody know, what type of pot they use inside that? I have changed USB ports for debugging. As the 'twitch' is getting worse, i dont want to set (any higher) deadzone, its getting silly. And i dont want to get pedals, ive used with those and get the job done even in the UH1. Or if you have a old TWCS throttle laying about with OK perormance on the Z axis and spring, i could consider buying it for spare parts. Thank you. :joystick:
  4. One of the most gamebreaking bugs we have for MP right now. ED pleaaase..
  5. Just by reading those big nice updates that are still coming for the Viggen (and oh, so plenty of them), I must say, not only I feel like i should own it (yes, i dont yet) to give my support for the developers, i actually want to fly it. (coming from a hardcore M2k fanboy). Good job and glad that you are still working hard on your 'older' modules, not like some other developers. It just might happen that delta-wings rule my go-to hangar soon!
  6. I think you have mixed up the missiles here. But yeah, guns guns guns will do the trick :P
  7. Hello ED. Thank you for the awesome work on .. everything. Keep it up. I got just one, hopefully small request: Can you please add a tickbox to the 'Show Chat Events' setting to be able to remove (player) connect / disconnect events. Sometimes not really a necessary feature. If somebody is using only chat to communicate, it can be a hassle to keep track of it when a server gets a lot of connects or disconnects. Not to mention that some servers use scripts too to show the same events. + the envelope box can actually a ruin a good MP screenshot :book: Thank you! N.
  8. When editing waypoints on the ground, just set you WP1 as RTB WP from the WP00 coords, should get you close enought to visual pattern. Or if you want to do it the right way, i think, check kneeboard for AFB coords, enter them before anything else, still as WP1. Same-same, but different.
  9. Hi. As i re-read what i wrote i realized that i forgot to add that 'if the seeker has a active tracking on a target and 'magic unlock' is pressed, the seeker head will revert to default position (the cross on the hud)'. But as i read you correctly, are you saying that the Magic might have a update as like an active search (not static), i guess like the A10 has for its AIM missiles? you know, the seeker doing hula loops and all... :megalol: And thanks, glad to help, even if its just a little. Its my main module to fly ..
  10. Hello. Thank you for that awesome script. Started to test that out yesterday, have one quetion so far. How can i adjust the message time for JTAC lasing new targets to be longer? Cant remember them so quick so i'd like to write them down first. I know i can check the status but I would like to make is as user friendly as possible. I thought it might be this line in CTLD but after testing, that seems not to be the case.? ctld.notifyCoalition(_jtacGroupName .. " lasing new target " .. _enemyUnit:getTypeName() .. '. CODE: ' .. _laserCode .. ctld.getPositionString(_enemyUnit), [b]10[/b], _jtacUnit:getCoalition()) Thanks.
  11. Hi. Looked through the manual after a long time and i must say, a very impressive work indeed that you have done. But, found few things that might be off (even tho im no expert) but my feedback is as follows: Page 32 - Radio select switch- Aux. UHF Radio SELECT- LAlt + Num+ (should be Num-) Page 33 - MAGIC SEARCH/NAV UPDATE- Should be 'Magic Unlock/NAV Update' ? (well, according to the keybinds anyhow) If magic is selcted and Master Arm is ON, the seeker cross will act as an search point, but when one presses the magic unlock, seeker head tracking is dropped to deafault pos. So the buttons to be called as a "Magic search" makes no sense or im complitely missing something here. Page 173 - BAROMETRIC ALTITUDE - It shows the barometric altitude of the aircraft (as stated) BUT, 43 stands 4300 ft. If you are at or above 10000 ft you get 3 digit number, for example, '123' being 12300 ft. Same goes for targets (stated correctly afterwards in the manual) As my knowledge goes- in Flight Level, basically. Dont forget to sync QNH with ur wingman when doing cold start ;D Page 174 - 4. This time not only CAS is visible, you can also see the mach number below. Overall correct, but airspeed is shown in IAS.? Page 230 - I would add an * to the statement to state that * all values editable on the ground with engines off. (just to make it more clear for new fliers out there) Correct me if im wrong, we all learn every day :)) Regards.
  12. uninstall all else and clean install from the web. it will take a while buuuuut as for now, users seems to get better performance with clean install.
  13. Hello. I was just looking into that the other day. I had the same issue that a modifier switch will add "active second level of switches" profile and it got messy at some point. Not working like a "Lshift" or "LCtrl" button on the keyboard. So the kind-a-solution i found was that under the user/Saved Games/DCS/Input/aircraft/modifiers.lua you have to set the switch value to false (it was 'true' at first, so acting as a switch (meaning you have to turn it off after not using it)). local modifiers = { ["JOY_BTN3 MOD"] = { ["device"] = "TWCS Throttle {47363BF0-B10C-11e7-8001-444553540000}", ["key"] = "JOY_BTN3", ["switch"] = false, }, ["LAlt"] = { ["device"] = "Keyboard", ["key"] = "LAlt", ["switch"] = false, ..... And the button i used was push-button type. Hope that helps. edit: You have to set the modifier key beforehand ro change it and im not sure about the Integrety check, maybe it needs to be a mod, dunno.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I have completed the layout for now. In perfect world it should cover most of the things that need to be pressed. 32 buttons total, including: 3 * two way switches 2 * two way switches with LED indicator 7 * three way swiches 2 * rotary encoders w/ push button 1 * rotary switch w/ 4 positions 5 * push buttons // i hope my math is correct (Box facing the backside at front) The parts will be sent to print, and i can start building the MOD profile meanwhile. Sounds good.
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